Who are The Harringtons you ask? Well let us treat you to the introduction one of the best indie bands in the country. The Harringtons are a four-piece band who have brought indie music back to where it belongs; no fancy frills just straight up attitude and back-to-basics guitar music. With riffs to make you dance around and lyrics that make you shout back as loud as possible you can see the strong influences from the Madchester and Brit-pop era seeping through in their songs. Songs like ‘Scootch’ and ‘Carry You Home’ summarise the bands stature and create a raucous atmosphere at their shows.

Who are The Harringtons?
Jack, Brad, Max and Jud

What are The Harringtons?
Max: “A band… obviously”

Where are The Harringtons?
Jud: “The bottomost of the poppermost”

When did The Harringtons form?
Jack: “We were a trio for years and then Max started following us around in early ‘17. Showing up at practices and gigs he just wouldn’t piss off so now he’s one of us – somehow – I still don’t really know how it happened”

How did you meet?
Max: “tinder”

Why are The Harringtons?
Max: “Although wanting a big house, a fit bird and to be the most important band of our generation are definitely what we’ve set out to achieve. I’m in this band because I genuinely fucking love it, there’s nothing else I’d rather do… that, and there’s too many gingers in the charts to be doing anyone any good”

Explain your live show:
Jack: “It’s chaotic bliss, let me take you away from your student debt and your relationship issues, or your recent redundancy, come and have some chemical release and aural euphoria, just stop the world spinning for a night.

What can we expect from 2018?
Expect nothing, and you’ll be impressed by everything we’ll do. 2018 is gonna see us touring every corner of the UK and over in Europe, we’ve got new releases lined up, but most importantly we’re gonna carry on enjoying it, cos la vie est belle mes amies

Where can we find your music?
At a show or on physical CDs that you can buy and own and fall in love with, a physical entity that will be delivered to your home for your personal enjoyment… www.theharringtons.bigcartel.com/

Written by: Stuart Daley