Doncaster pop-rockers Ginger Tom are delivering their infectious sound across the country and establishing a devout fan base that are following their every movement. Featuring on BBC Introducing shows and supporting the likes of The Hoosiers and The Pigeon Detectives, Ginger Tom are an excellent band that are making sure everyone enjoys partying along with them.

Possessing songs like “Never Be Enough” and “Hold Me Tonight”, Ginger Tom have very catchy lyrics and a beat that will make you tap your feet along with them. Tracks like “Scars” bring a more emotional side to the band and show a different side to their performance.

Who are Ginger Tom? 

We’re a 4 piece band from Doncaster delivering eye watering harmonies with some tasty guitar licks and a bloody tight rhythm section. We love making music and nothing makes us happier than playing live… except McDonald’s.

What are Ginger Tom?

Ginger Tom are a charismatic set of lads who don’t take life too seriously but hope to be making a living from this soon so we can all sack off our jobs.

Where are Ginger Tom? 


Dan is sat on the toilet.

Luke is watching tv.

Alex is driving to the studio.

Tom went out last night and hasn’t come home.

When did Ginger Tom form? 

Not sure exactly but about 3 years ago.

Ginger Tom started as a duo but soon enough figured they were very boring so got a tight rhythm section to join the band about a year later.

How did you meet? 

We all became close friends at college studying music which hasn’t really done much for any of us except Tom who was a music teacher and quit to pursue his dream with the band … has anyone seen Tom?

Why are Ginger Tom? 

*band looks at each other*… Safe to say we really don’t know. We just enjoy playing music!

Explain your live show: 

Our live shows are very energetic and always full of screaming girls… who are we kidding?

We just try to have a laugh whilst putting on the best show as possible. We do have some great fans who we can’t thank enough for their endless support.

What can we expect from 2017?

Not a lot if we can’t find Tom… any ideas?

We hope to release some new music later this year. We are working hard on writing new songs and trying to improve our sound. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

Where can we find your music?

There are links to all our social media pages on our website. There is also a ‘Shop’ page where you can buy some merch and all proceeds will go towards finding Tom.

Get tickets for Ginger Tom’s next show with The Pentatonic here:

Words: Stuart Daley