It is impossible to talk about And Yet it Moves without first discussing Dale Barclay. As the frontman of The Amazing Snakeheads, the ferocity of his Glaswegian snarl helped to produce one of the scariest records of our time in ‘Amphetamine Ballads’.

After the demise of the Snakeheads, Mr. Barclay was clearly not going to sit around and sit on his laurels- and thus is born And Yet it Moves. A five-piece gathered from various corners of the globe, they play a darker, perhaps seedier version of the Snakeheads untethered aggression, yet lose none of the feral energy that perfectly soundtracks the dark, uncertain times we live in. With a few tunes floating about the net, a live show that would scare GG Allin, and rumours of an album on the way in 2017, now is the perfect time to descend into the world And Yet it Moves inhabit.

Who are And Yet it Moves?

A Scottish/Danish troupe of part time aviation experts waxing together through the strange, sinewy game of life. Anyone can join. Unless you were born between the cheeks of June and July. Pay him. ZEUS, King of the Costcos, always standing with his back to the tills. You won’t miss him, curly white beard and a jaggy javelin.

What are And Yet it Moves?

Reform crusaders. Sleepless aunties. Bleach babies. Academics. Well-read thugs.

Where are And Yet it Moves?

We move around quite a bit, actually. One day we may be in the bubbling spa pools of Reykjavik and the other saving children from the priests and mullahs of the world. Many, many, many days are spent in solitude. Light, lurks, in the lavatory.

When did you form?

Winter solstice 16. The bells of all the great cathedrals of the world rang out when we went live on Facebook and the other one for the first time. Her breath, heavy as an ox, blighted my nostrils.

How did you meet?

We bonded over pan-au-chocolate and Suicide at the Zurich music conference, 08. Two eunuchs. The breakfast bar. The late, great, Dutch, Harvey Hnds, also spoke in tongues to each of us, individually, and told us that this is our destiny.

Why are you in a band?

Anything else doesn’t count.

Explain your live show.

Our live show is 7 hours long with no toilet or drink breaks. The doors are slammed tight and padlocked. Water cannon filled with mace. A pummelled pumice of a face. Silence is maintained at the quiet bits with a bull whip.  No trainers. No suits. No suits with trainers. We aim to take the listener on a summer jaunt in the Jag that stops when everyone is dead. Except the driver. And the dealer in the boot. No prisoners. No hostages. No eating.

What can we expect from 2017?

Haemorrhoids. Total annihilation. Joy

Where can we find your music?

All good Internet services. AOL. LOL. FTQ. FTP. DBIZDAMAN.

You can follow, and like the band, here:

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Words: Dan Pare