Out of the ashes of fantastic Sheffield indie outfit Stop Drop Robot rise the phoenix, Vuromantics. The self-coined Dark Pop band update the deep, emotive synths of Violator era Depeche mode in a modern, Yorkshire style. They are a brand, brand new addition to the ever growing list of exciting North Yorkshire bands stating to claim to be Britain’s Next Big Things- and these guys are laying a fantastic claim.

I speak to Sam Christie who will tell you everything you need to know about the next Human League.

 Who are Vuromantics?

We’re a gang of northern synth-wielding rapscallions who love nothing more than writing music, partying and playing live in venues around the UK.

What is Vuromantics?

We’re a Dark Pop band. The name comes from a take on the infamous New Romantics movement, I wouldn’t say we are a pastiche of the New Romantics sound at all, more that we find that kind of music entertaining and appreciate the ethos as we too very much intend to be doing our own thing, carving out our own sound and playing by our own rules.

Where is Vuromantics?

We are based in Yorkshire, our band members have lived in Huddersfield, York, Leeds & Manchester but we are now very much based in Sheffield. We love to frequent music venues in all these places, watching bands, drinking and supporting local music.

When did Vuromantics form?

We launched this band on January 2nd 2017, we’re only a baby but we’ve already released a few videos and announced our first UK tour. We were all in different bands previously that did some cool stuff; collectively we have played abroad, toured the UK and supported the likes of Foals, Heaven 17 & Jagwar Ma.

Explain your live show

We bring keyboards, synthesizers, sample pads, drums, bass, guitar and numerous vocalists to the party. Expect weird and wonderful songs, we like to give it high energy and get people dancing.

What can we expect in from Vuromantics in 2017?

You should expect quite alot of E.P releases, we have alot of recorded material, I think we’ll put out 3-4 E.Ps or maybe condense them into an album, we haven’t decided on that yet. There’s certainly a lot of touring already planned, we’ve already booked shows in Scotland, The North, The Midlands, The South and in Wales. Hopefully we’ll get abroad too, we have quite a few irons in the fire on that front. I’m sure we’ll hit a few summer festivals too as we do a fair bit of work with festival organisers and also run our own events.

Where can we find your music?

Thanks for having us guys, here is two of our videos:

Vuromantics Vultures (please embed this)

URL – https://youtu.be/wqGfvzCvsW4

Vuromantics Waiting On A Storm

URL – https://youtu.be/mCRR2IK_4iY

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Words: James Kitchen