Milo’s Planes. The band who can be as loud, garish and actually quite good, as much as they can be loud and quite funny. Jack of all trades they are, so we’re more than pleased to bring them to your attention.

We had a little chat with them so you can get to know them a little better…

Who are Milo’s Planes?

Joe Sherrin does singing, shouting and guitars
Harry Sherrin does talk/singing, shouting and drums
Charlie Horne does shouting and bass
Sam Green plays additional percussion – one day he’ll start shouting too.

Just four down to earth dudes looking for stardom in the world of popular music.

What are Milo’s Planes?

Shouty but very pleasant in person.

Where are Milo’s Planes?

Currently we are all in Bristol, which is nice -usually we’re dotted about the place. Joe lives in Bristol, Harry lives in Manchester, Sam in Brighton & Charlie in Falmouth, all at university besides Joe who isn’t clever or independent enough.

How did Milo’s Planes meet?

In June 1996 my dad picked me up from school, which I remember finding incredibly exciting and highly peculiar as normally my Mum would. He had also bought me an unmerited Spiderman outfit. Very cool. “What a delectable multitude of treats!” I thought, even at four I had a very advanced vocabulary. “I must’ve fucking nailed my alphabet today”.

As we get home it becomes apparent that there is now a third Sherrin child in the house, Harry – really tiny and shrivelled looking. He couldn’t do anything on his own, certainly not leap across sofas firing imaginary web out of his (unfortunately human) wrists whilst simultaneously shrieking the Spiderman theme tune. People just held him for a bit and then passed him to someone else to hold for a bit.

My Dad had picked me up from school, not due to my (brilliant) alphabet reciting capabilities, but because my Mum had been too busy getting Harry from wherever babies come from and had to send Dad in her place. I’m not sure how I felt about Harry at this time, he had kind of stolen my thunder and everyone seemed to be much more interested in him than they were me, which was baffling on my prepubescent, self-centred brain. I had however just been given a Spiderman outfit and that pretty much engulfed my entire being for a while. Spiderman outfit; Boyzone (the band); Ole Gunnar Solskjaer; Pokémon Cards; Pokémon Red; Pokémon Blue; Pokémon Yellow; Linkin Park; Wrestling; Green Day; Big-boy school; Testys.

Fast forward 6 years, me and Harry are about 6 and 11 starting our first band, Testys (that’s how we thought it was spelt, despite our mother’s qualms). Harry played two boxes with gel pens (very popular at the time) and I played guitar and sang songs about lawnmowers (I Want To Be Your Lawnmower) and Gherkins (I Want To Take You To The Gherkin Parlour). Somewhere along the way drum sticks became cooler than gel pens; songs about being dissatisfied with my beaurocratic job and having not amounted to anything of any great merit in general became more pertinent topics for my song writing than lawnmowers and gherkins. Low and behold you now have Milo’s Planes.

Did you want a longer answer?
– Joe

When did Milo’s Planes form?

It was June, 1996. I had just recently made my first appearance in the world. It was getting the response it deserved. Multitudes of wrinkly oldies were desperate to pass me around, and to bask in the spectacle of ME. “Shit, I must be insanely cute,” I thought. I was, and everybody agreed. Except one. As everybody was squabbling to hold me, and take photos of me, one chap in the room who was totally indifferent. “Who on Earth can’t be interested in me?! That’s fully mental!” Indeed, he appeared deranged. He was leaping from sofa to sofa frantically jerking his wrists and making PSSST PSSST sounds, whilst screaming what appeared, to my already advanced musical mind, to be the Spiderman themetune. But he wasn’t Spiderman (I figured it out as he didn’t have a mask on – Spidey always wore a mask to protect his identity). It was just a mentalist clad in a pretty boss Spidey costume. But there was something about the way in which he screamed that themetume that made me think “Hey, this guy would make a great Punk frontman”. But before we could form Milo’s Planes, we had to embark on a long and treacherous musical journey. Not long after I mastered the art of standing up by myself, I mastered the art of drumming. First I slapped thighs with my hands, then I destroyed filing boxes with gel pens. These were the ‘Testys’ years. Though none of the original Testys tapes still exist, the groundbreaking work of Testys lives on in Milo’s Planes. By 2014, Milo’s Planes, then still a two-piece, were causing quite a ruckus in The Fleece’s Rock/Metal ALL-DAYER’s. Naturally, we knew we had to capitalise on our new-found fame. In came Charlie. We praised him for his tight jeans and pop-punk jump moves. After many months of hard graft whipping him into shape from a bass-slapping chump to a ROCK GOD, Milo’s Planes officially became three. It was at this point that we had our first international gig. We played Festival Strabisme in North France. Our roadie, and number one fan, Sam, accompanied. All of the trip he drunkenly pleaded with us to FINALLY let him into the band. He was a persuasive man. Milo’s Planes became four.
– Harry

Why is Milo’s Planes a band?

Because we’re all really into carrying stuff about a bit.

What can we expect this summer?

With any luck it’ll not get too hot so I can maintain to wear as many jumpers as possible. I don’t like the summer.

In terms of band stuff – Harry is embarking on an incredibly glutinous marathon holiday so we’ll not be up to an awful lot. The cunt. When we do have some free time we’ll be spending it writing new stuff for the fourth album, we haven’t started anything for it yet we just know we’d like to go somewhere new with it, so that’ll be exciting.. If it’s not too hot.
– Joe

Where can we find you online?

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Words: Sam Meaghan