True Rock & Roll with copious of angst and attitude thrown in for good measure. Our Fold have been hammering their trade for years and have grown a bond and connection unlike any other band. The Bolton lads bounce off each and compliment each others music with a subtlety that most established bands would be envious of. 2018 is looking like the year Our Fold break the out of the underground and into become a name you see plastered all over Manchester, and further afield.

Who are Our Fold?

Our Fold are an alternative indie band from the sleepy backwater of Westhoughton in Boltonopolis. Damo sings and plays guitar, Dan plays his bass, Gaz plays his guitar and Sam bangs things.

What are Our Fold?

We’re like James being cradled by Nirvana as the Cure look on sharing a bag of Salt & Vinegar Seabrooks with the Strokes, who happen to be getting piggybacks off The Stone Roses. Loud and Heavy at times but with strong melodies and hooks and soaring choruses.

Where are Our Fold?

We’re camped up at Big Unit Studio’s in Bolton which Gaz our guitarist owns and built with his actual hands. Right now I’m (Damo) sat in my work van on Sharston Industrial estate wondering whether to brave the gale forced winds and hail and actually fit this air conditioning system or go back to Greggs for another steak bake.

When did Our Fold form?

We formed in a terraced house, 24 Church Street, Westhoughton about 12 years ago. My now ex girlfriend went to Australia for two months on a photography course shortly after buying the house so I went a bit mad and started having all night jam sessions and absolutely no bad behaviour went down. Honestly. Anyway, like minded folk turned up and began to play, and listening back to the recordings when sober we realised it might be worth letting other people hear it and started rehearsing properly. I knew the lads from around town but this is where we all bonded as friends.

Why are Our Fold?

Why not? We’re all into the same music. So we know what we want from each other in a song. I tend to write the song or idea first then it goes from there. It’s never been about fame or money for us, we just love getting really fucking noisey in a room together.

Explain your live show

Really high energy, LOUD, thumping drums from Sam, just a reet good thrilling and honest rock & roll experience. What more can you want or need?

What can we expect from 2018?

We’re hoping this year we can finally break through, we’ve had set backs over the years which has meant losing momentum at key times. We’re sounding better than ever though at the moment and the album is recorded and ready to go, so a couple of singles, album release and a shit load of gigs!

Where can we find your music?

Our two singles are on ITunes & Spotify.
‘Dive?’ & ‘She Goes On’
Both singles received airplay from Radio X (John Kennedy) and BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq) plus others including Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing Manchester.

Written by: Stuart Daley
Photo by: Gaz Heywood