Like a last minute submission for an essay or something equally as boring, Artificial Pleasure released two singles, just in time to complete mess everyone’s “end of year lists up”. Until the mass beauty of, ‘Bolt From The Blue’, with its huge swathes of mid-tempo enthral, everyone’s favourite new band was probably going to be someone shoegaze or boring.

But then AP, kicked back with the absolutely, ridiculously fun, ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’. The song itself has all sorts of meaningful lyrics, but christ, if you don’t smile upon the opening bars, you’re a miserable, miserable fuck. Some songs were made for dancing, some bands were made for huge, huge success. Artificial Pleasure make songs for dancing, absolute timeless classics in their own right, and as a direct result of that skill, Artificial Pleasure can only be destined for huge success.

We got to know them a little better, below:

Who are Artificial Pleasure?

– 3 Irish Catholic lads and a Pole. 2 gingers, one has a moustache, one has an earring.

What is Artificial Pleasure?

– unnatural music.

Where is Artificial Pleasure?

– in an art gallery eating crisps

When did Artificial Pleasure form?

– a freezing cold winter’s day, January 1844… that I mean earlier this year

How did you meet?

– we were all backing dancers for Nelly Furtado….ermmm Dom and I have known each other since we were kids, we met Lee through a friend who played with him in a jazz band and we met Rich through my cousin.

Why is Artificial Pleasure a band?

– gets us out of the house doesn’t it, and now there are 3 more wills that I can hopefully get written into. Also we want to play music that is both popular and alternative, I don’t like the fact that at the moment it’s frowned on to be both, we’ve been told time and time again that you need to be one or the other.

How have the first couple of live shows gone?

– great. They’ve been warm, both temperature wise and reception wise, which is a real bonus. Played with some cool bands, just so good to get playing, that’s where everything comes together

What can we expect for the new year?
– more of this really. New single in January followed by some live shows at the end of the month.

Where can we find your bangers?

– the internet (insert link to internet).

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Words: Sam Meaghan