Not the biggest name to come out of Stockport in recent years but certainly one you should take note of. Cultures are indie-pop underdogs making their way around the countries venues one stage at a time. 

With catchy riffs bouncing around behind recognisable vocals, coupled with the rhythmic beat of the drum and bass partnership, Cultures are creating their own unique, experimental sound. Building in confidence and building in quality they are transforming their musical project from aiming for girls to realising they are much more equipped at creating excellent music.

Who are Cultures?

A selection of miscreants drawn from the four corners of Greater Manchester to play indie-pop. Aka. Josh Spivey on guitar, Tom Deegan on bass and Tom Wood on drums.

What are Cultures?

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Oh, you mean us?… We’re 3 guys who have no idea what we’re doing. Literally everything we play is an experiment, but that’s cos we don’t know how to play instruments not because we’re edgy…

We have some catchy tunes, somewhere between ABBA, Cher and Frozen.

Where are Cultures?

In the glistening eyes of children, in the longing gaze of expectant lovers, and in the hearts of those who know what it is to experience true grief. Also, Gatley, we are sometimes in Gatley. We could say Stockport but Blossoms have kind of taken that one now, and Tommy Wi’s from Rochdale…

When did Cultures form?

“Cultures” has been a thing since about 2013, a couple of us played together in this band and another when we were at college (it was supposed to give us a chance with girls.) And we’ve been together as we are now since early 2015, it’s more about the music these days…

How did you meet?

Me and Deegan met at college through a mutual mate and the two Toms experienced a chance encounter at the confluence of two divergent streams (Salford University). Basically, Tom came and jammed with us when we needed a drummer and it just clicked.

There was a rumour circulating that we met at Waterworld in Stoke, but that was proved false.

Why are Cultures?

We’re a band because it feels fucking brilliant to stand on a stage and whinge about bad relationships. Also, it’s not socially acceptable to doss about playing guitar and dressing like a prick unless you can say “Oh, but I’m in a band…”

It’s also a good excuse to avoid the real world and have no real job. Although Deegan is a sucker for a five-hour shift at Topshop. I don’t know whether it’s the discount skinny jeans or the girls he’s there for.

Explain your live show:

Our live show is soaring melodies, ethereal vocals, and some unorthodox drumming. It’s actually pretty good, in fact it’s regularly better than we expect. Loud and catchy tunes, the attempted marketing of our t-shirts (yours today for only £5) and almost as much stand-up comedy as there is music, but that’s how we like it.

What can we expect from 2017?

2017 is gonna be a mad one. We’re writing a tonne of new music, recording it, and playing live as much as possible for anyone who will have us. We’re going to hit the road in summer and see as many new cities as we can and we’ve got our biggest show yet booked for August back in Manchester. And then thermonuclear apocalypse followed by the descent of society into warring tribal factions.

Where can we find your music?

I’m pretty sure Deegan has this one covered… We are on: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Salford City FC’s half-time playlist. And if you’re that way inclined, I’m sure you can find Deegan on Tinder…

Words: Stuart Daley