Don’t Worry are an oddly familiar band. You obviously haven’t heard a band exactly like them before, but you’ve heard something on the periphery of their sound.

It’s been a while since a band like Don’t Worry can go from an all out loud affair, to genuinely beautiful lyricism dressed up with melancholic guitars.

Get to know them below:

Who are Don’t Worry?

Don’t Worry is 4 mates: Ronan, Sam, Conor, and Dick. It’s nice to meet you.

What is Don’t Worry?

We’re an alternative rock band currently on the DIY grind, trying hard to do music well.

Where is Don’t Worry?

We’re from Harlow New Town in Essex. Most of us grew up here; Conor is from just across the A road in Hertfordshire. Medium sized fish in a medium sized pond.

When did Don’t Worry form?

We put out our first song under the name Don’t Worry in summer 2014. That track was released as part of a compilation and actually only features Ronan and Sam. We became a full band around that same time, and our first EP came out in November of that same year.

How did you meet?

Most of us had played together in different combinations in different local bands before. Sam and Ronan met on a night out in 2011 and bonded over indie rock. Ronan and Dick went to college together. Sam and Conor went to school together.

Why is Don’t Worry a band?

We think being in a band helps us to develop as people. It gives us a creative outlet into which we can pour our thoughts and feelings, work on them, and hopefully come up with more interesting and engaging ways to express them. It gives us something exciting to focus on and look forward to. It means we get to meet loads of really great people and travel to new places we perhaps wouldn’t have the opportunity to visit if it weren’t for being in a band. Hopefully our band is a positive thing for other people too, regardless of how many people are into it. If our music makes us feel good while also making other people feel good, and it plays a part in us all having a nice time, I guess that’s why Don’t Worry is a band.

Explain your live show:

We try to make our live show as interesting to watch and listen to as we can, and we’re getting better and better at that as time goes on. The more experience we have, the more comfortable we get, and so the more we’re able to get into the performance without feeling self conscious. We’ve never wanted our set to just be us standing there playing our songs as they are on the record. We try to keep things interesting by adding sections or changing the structure of some of our songs when we play them live. We’re also keen to keep it as real as we can when we’re on stage. When bands rehearse lines to say in between songs it often comes across as pretentious and can make the audience feel awkward or bored. So we avoid that sort of thing completely. If everyone in the room feels comfortable, we’ll feel comfortable, and then everyone will have a much better experience.

What can we expect from 2017?

We have a lot planned for this year, and it’s only January. We’re hoping to tour a lot more, both in the UK and elsewhere. We want to play as many shows as we can fit in. We’ve started the writing and planning process for our debut full length album, which is very exciting for us. We’re also keen to do a split release with another band this year before our album comes out.

Where can we find your music?

Everything we’ve released so far, including our recent 3rd EP Bane Of My Lifestyle, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, , , and basically every other digital platform.

12 inch vinyl copies of Bane Of My Lifestyle are available at along with all our merch. We ship worldwide!

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Words: Krystian Hudson