Chapel Row is the faint noise you can hear roaring from the valleys as you pass through Wales. The young quartet are creating an almighty noise that is being picked up around the UK and has people turning their heads to wonder what this new wave of powerful music coming from hidden within Wales is. Chapel Row are coiled and ready to be unleashed on the nation this year.

Who are Chapel Row?
Chapel Row consists of 4 humans, Diggs Galliers, Jacob ‘Moose’ Herron, Ainslee Rees & Connor ‘Pablo’ Keohane, we’re 18-20 years old and we live for music we don’t care for anything else.

What are Chapel Row?
We are a young Rock N Roll band hungry to travel the world through the tools we know, proper guitar music! Real songs and passion.

Where are Chapel Row?
We’re based in Gods country, Merthyr Tydfil.

When did Chapel Row form?
We formed around a year ago.

How did Chapel Row meet?
I (Diggs), met Pablo at a house party a few years ago where he pointed me to our drummer Moose, we jammed for a while. Pabs originally played guitar but he switched to bass to make some noise in a band! We then searched for a new guitarist and Pabs mentioned Ainslee so the rest is history. We all knew each other from living & drinking in the same town too. Surprising what alcohol can do for you ey!

Why are Chapel Row?
Chapel Row are here because it’s either make music and have a dream to keep you going or it’s just the same old 9 to 5 job slaving away for someone who will replace you a week after you’re dead. We wanna make our own little destiny!

Explain your live show:
If you buy a can of Fanta from the shop, go outside and shake the hell out of it, throw it on the floor, pick it back up and open it.. then that’s our live show. Full of energy, angst and passion, although I’m not as passionate about gigging as I am about Fanta!

What can we expect from 2018?
2018 is looking like a good one for us already, we’ve got our first few shows outside of these valleys, and a special show which we’ve not announced yet. We’re also getting a bit of a heads up from some cool people in the industry so thats pushing us along. Expect a show in YOUR town, we’ll be arranging a tour and we’re also currently in the studio giving birth to our next batch of songs ready to take around the country & world.

Where can we find your music?
You can find our music on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the digital online websites. Keep up to date with our shows on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can also head over to our online shop where you can kit yourself up with the best band clobber out there! Head over to… Xx

Written by: Stuart Daley