Ash Palmer is more than just a man with a guitar, he’s got a purpose. With strong influences from Manchester and the Britpop era it’s only right that Palmer moved to Manchester where his music is blossoming into an underlying story of the city that is close to many peoples hearts. With the looks, the swagger and the attitude to suit the persona of his music; Palmer is delivering his message to the people through the way he knows best – his music.

Who is Ash Palmer?
That one that looks like Noel Gallagher.

What is Ash Palmer?
A singer songwriter, inspired by Britpop, Madchester, indie rock and a bit of Irish folk for the storytelling side of things.

Where is Ash Palmer?
MANCHESTER…naturally! Originally from Workington in Cumbria though!

When did Ash Palmer form?
I’ve been playing since about 2012 as a solo act and in and out of bands. I was the frontman of A66 and another band before that that isn’t even worthy of a fucking mention!

It’s the only thing I’ve ever been any good at. I have to really enjoy something to put any effort into it and music is one of the few things I’ve ever found that I have a genuine passion for. Plus I suffer quite a lot from anxiety so I suppose songwriting gives me a way to express things that I would find it hard to say otherwise. I’d much rather be out playing gigs than working cos most jobs seem to involve being spoken to like shit by customers who think they’re better than you. I’d love to hand one of them a guitar and tell them to get on stage in front of a load of people and perform! See if they’re still better than me then…?

What can we expect from 2018?
I wanna get more of my music out there. I’ve started a new YouTube channel and I’m gonna try to post at least one song on there every week. I’ve been speaking to the guy I recorded my first EP with and we’re potentially gonna work on a new project in the summer, which will most likely be an EP I finished writing in December called ‘The only Mod in Manchester.’ I’ve recently got a job in a band where I’ll get to play a lot of different places and actually get paid for it, which has kind of changed my view on my own material a bit. I’ve spent years trying to fit in and tick boxes for other people and now I feel a bit stupid for it cos it’s pointless! I’m gonna start doing it for myself, my songs are my way of expressing myself and I shouldn’t have to censor myself in any way! I’ve showed songs I’ve written to people and they’ve been like ‘you can’t release that, it’ll offend people’ so I’ve scrapped them! I’ve become paranoid about what everybody thinks, and it doesn’t help when I’ve got people going on Twitter saying I’m thick and delusional, but fuck them! I’m as much entitled to an opinion and a view on things as anybody else! I’ve been doing a music course in Manchester for nearly two years now, and the main thing that I’ve learnt is that there really isn’t a place for me in the music scene in 2018. It’s all about turning Vegan and chanting “oh Jeremy Corbyn” every five minutes. All these social justice warriors who are all about equality right up until the point where you disagree with them on something…then you’re the biggest piece of shit going! If you don’t fit in with that crowd then you’re fucked! It’s less about how talented you are and more about who’s arse you’re kissing and how willing you are to be a fucking sheep! Not really my thing! But there probably wasn’t a place in the industry for the Sex Pistols when they came about…and they did alright! My biggest challenge to myself this year is to not give a shit! Release what I wanna release and unapologetically say what I wanna say. I’m not worrying about “making it” or having to generate a living out off it anymore, so I can be more myself instead of trying to be an “act” and fulfil certain criteria for people.

Where can we find your music?
My 2016 EP ‘A Million MPH’ can be found on sound cloud:
And this is the YouTube channel I’m gonna be uploading material to on a regular basis:

Social Media Links:

Facebook: Ash Palmer Music
Instagram: @ashpalmermusic
Twitter: @ashpalmermusic

Written by: Stuart Daley