Yesterday morning, Richard Fairbrass, of the once huge band, Right Said Fred, plugged vinyl pushers, Flying Vinyl. 

In what was one of their more unlikely plugs of 2016, the, ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’, singer interjected during a conversation to drop the F bomb.

Flying Vinyl, in a Facebook post, revealed all: “Can we all take a moment to, as a community, salute Richard Fairbrass from Right Said Fred Official who signed up to Flying Vinyl in the early days and has been a huge supporter of this project. Today he gave us the biggest plug on national TV on The Wright Stuff. Richard, we salute you and owe you a massive pint.”

The company, Flying Vinyl, has been at the very forefront of the revolution in vinyl sales.

Only very recently was it announced, that for the first time ever, vinyl sale had overtaken digital sales.

In what is an unprecedented business event, Flying Vinyl’s contribution to the pot, by having singles delivered straight to the door of subscribers must come into question.

Not only that, but news has recently filtered through that FV are set to host yet another festival in April of 2017, after 2016’s edition was a huge success.

For £20 a month, subscribers to Flying vinyl have a handful of singles that have been released by new bands that month, on vinyl, delivered to their door.