This Feeling brought one of their incredible shows to Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe – hosting an impressive 6 bands. The night had a secret headliner which wasn’t announced until half way through the show and was the incredible Dantevilles; an excellent band which it needed to be to headline such an impressive bill with acts like No Hot Ashes and Ivory Wave.

Organising six acts is a impressive achievement for the team at This Feeling who put on shows all over the country. The night began with Saints who had a fairly large crowd for the first band in a long night, however they were too loud and brash for the majority of the crowd that was there and they didn’t keep much attention.

Ivory Waves followed up with a more impressive show however the attention now was on No Hot Ashes and newly announced headliners Dantevilles as they are hotly tipped as two of the best bands coming out of Manchester. First up were Stockport quartet No Hot Ashes who’s recent single Bellyaches has been received extremely well by fans. The crowd had surprisingly dwindled before they started their set which didn’t help their first song which fell slightly flat; however they soon upped their game. The crowd reappeared after their untimely cigarette break and No Hot Ashes kicked into life. Boasting some of the best bass-lines since Mani joined the Stone Roses their songs certainly get you into the groove for bouncing around and with tracks like Skank and Goose they did just that. Standing on-top of the monitors and getting the crowd riled up No Hot Ashes put on an excellent show from their stage presence to their catchy riffs and unique vocals.

Surprise headliners Dantevilles had previously played Heaven On Earth festival during the day and rushed over to Night & Day just in time for their set. Turning up relatively unannounced was a good trick but inevitably didn’t work out as much of the crowd had left by then and others were refusing to pay on the door to come in solely for the last band. Despite this there was still a good crowd inside who waited for Dantevilles to quickly sound check and get underway.

They started off slowly, clearly exhausted from already performing earlier in the day and didn’t seem to be able to shake it off. Their songs still went down well with the remaining crowd and excellent vocal harmonies helped bring some energy to the set. Dantevilles also posses excellent bass-lines that make you want to move your feet and swing you body and coupled with jangly guitar riffs you can see why they’re tipped as one of Manchester’s finest and will only improve with a headline show at Sound Control coming up on 3rd June.

The evening showcased some excellent talent and This Feeling are stamping their mark on the music scene all over the UK putting on excellent shows like this one in Manchester. Keep an eye out for their shows and definitely an eye out for up-coming No Hot Ashes and Danteville shows as they are both on their way to success.

Words: Stuart Daley