The Jade Assembly are set to release their latest single ‘Got My Star’ in November. They met up with The Pentatonic Magazine to talk about the single and recorded an exclusive stripped back video of the single before it’s release.

What is the song about?

It’s written about striving for something in your life for so long but then you meet someone and nothing else really matters cause your happy to be with that person.

What was the writing process?

Foz writes the lyrics and the melody and then brings the tune to the rest of the band and we add our bits to create the full sound, which is the normal process for us.

Where did you record it?

We’ve recorded this song with Gavin Monaghan legendary producer at his Magic Garden Studio in Wolverhampton where we had a great weekend and came away with something we’re really happy and proud of – we’re also releasing the single with Magic Garden vinyl which we’re really excited about. It’s a song that came together very quickly in a few days and was recorded and mixed in 2 days.

How does it compare to your other songs?

The song is upbeat and always gets the crowd going when we play it live. We’re really buzzing for everyone to hear it

We’re gonna release on limited edition 7inch vinyl for presale on 02-10-17 and for official release 06-11-17
Tour dates will be announced soon

Words: Stuart Daley