Rivet City have been sitting on a masterpiece for a while before it is unearthed to your ears on 15th June. Tarmac Parables is an incredible work of art that will be the soundtrack to your lazy summer days. Rivet City have overlapped so many different genres to create this EP, with strong jazz and funk influences layered with fast paced, almost spoken word style vocals.

The opening track ‘Forget The Weather’ introduces the EP with a very mellow guitar riffs, coupled with simplistic bass and drums creates a chilled backing track to Jake Breeze’s powerful lyrics. ‘Forget The Weather’ instantly drifts you off to a different dimension; it sends you on a trip where you can close your eyes and dream the world away – while your head rocks back and forth and your body grooves to the funk vibes.

‘Satin’ continues this groove seamlessly, drifting you deeper into the haze. The transition between these songs is extremely clever. Rivet City have somehow done what everybody else is trying – to create a seamless blend whilst keeping the identity of each individual track. ‘Satin’ picks up the tempo and the intensity as the track progresses, yet still slows back down suddenly to add to the tension created.

The penultimate track on the EP, ‘Tall Homes’, brings the tone down a little with a more thought provoking song and bringing in some beautiful harmonies to accompany the meaningful lyrics. The contrast in pace between vocals and instruments is a breathe of fresh air to the over saturated scene where bands play as fast and as intricate as possible behind weak vocals with no real meaning behind them.

‘Watch The World’ closes the EP with a slightly more electronic sound than the previous tracks. This track is a more traditional indie song, or as traditional as Rivet City go. Breeze’s vocals are more melodic whilst a complex array of guitar and bass riffs intertwine behind the scenes. Rivet City has created something special with this EP and Tarmac Parables is sure to cement their status as incredible sounding musicians and their attention to details puts them on a pedestal above similar sounding bands.

Written by: Stuart Daley