After releasing his incredible single ‘Call Me Up’ at the end of April Olly Thornton has followed it up with his sensational debut EP The Empire. The four-track EP contains all the excitement and emotion you’d hope from Olly Thornton, with a beautiful blend of mesmerising guitar riffs and heartfelt vocals.

Opening track ‘Call Me Up’ has a very bouncy vibe to it and instantly has you swaying along and Thornton’s catchy lyrics soon have you singing along. This song set’s the mood for the EP and is a song you can envisage yourself listening to whilst sat in a bar on the beach somewhere.

‘We’ll Never Know’ is more of an acoustic track, still maintaining those qualities from the opening track. A little slower but building and building as the song progresses; this song wouldn’t feel lost in a Jack Johnson album.

A much more mellow and rhythmic song is ‘Kings&Queens’. An electric guitar can be heard ringing out behind Thornton’s slow and passionate vocals. The guitar riff is a stark contrast to Thornton’s vocals but accompanies beautifully and compliments his voice.

The final track ‘Feeling It With You’ brings the tempo and energy back up and gets you swaying again. That ringing guitar can still be heard from ‘Kings&Queens” which shows the intricate detail of EP and it’s ability to move through emotions seamlessly.

Written by: Stuart Daley