There is just something about a disgruntled sounding frontman that sits oh so well with the youth of today. Probably because absolutely everything that could go wrong, keeps going wrong. So when a band like LUNGS release a miserable sounding EP, it is of course going to be taken to, like flies to shit.

Yet, their pronunciation of the miserable, comes in a pretty looking gift set, and that would be under the name, Kelham Steel. Whilst the sound is more or less the same to what we’re used to, the quality is somewhat highlighted. Interestingly, the band could be likened to that of a Scouse Interpol.

It’s the post-punk ethic of days gone by that is most prominent. Yet it comes with a modern twist that makes Kelham Steel the essential 17 minutes worth of material that it is. It’s not one that strays away from what they do anyway to attempt to make it interesting. It’s an EP that conforms to their established sound and doesn’t let that slip.

With Kelham Steel you’re given six tracks that are wholly interesting, similar in sound, but different in manner all the same. It’s one that you’ll always turn back to, and it is the kind of EP that could put LUNGS in the much-deserved spotlight.

Polished indie bands come and go (often nowhere). But bands like LUNGS are different. These are the bands that pace themselves, and release EPs and singles brimming with quality such as Kelham Steel, and Seagulls, respectively. These bands have such longevity and depth in their career simply waiting to be relinquished.

Kelham Steel is one of the easiest EPs to listen to. It runs smoothly, plays on their already renowned sound, and simply gives you more of what you were asking for anyway. This will be an EP that in a few years, you will be appreciating all the same.

Words: Sam Meaghan