It’s not often that in relation to a band’s latest EP, you can use the word “historically”. Yet, historically speaking, The Cheap Thrills have been a band that have been there, sold the T-Shirt and still have some leftover. But this EP, titled GLARE, is a completely different kettle of fish to what fans may have been used to before.

Back in 2009, The Cheap Thrills were known for playing garage-laced indie-rock. They played the sort of music that would sound right at home on the B-side of any Jamie T, or Arctic Monkeys single. But since then, the band have grown… And then some.

The Liverpool quartet has played around with their sound, logos and image, and it’s all culminated in a hit-packed, four-track EP. GLARE, really does sound like the band’s battle cry. It’s their call to arms. It’s their claim, that they are not finish, and this flame that they have managed to keep alight, is not going out any time soon.

It is always easy to get excited about The Cheap Thrills when they release something new. That’s just simply because whatever they release is always completely fantastic. But as their listeners have grown older, so have the band. GLARE, is a real coming of age record. The band are playing around sonically, testing themselves no end, and Lewi Pike’s lyrics, as ever, compliment the EP throughout.

At times, when an unsigned band release an EP, it often consists of two brilliant stand-alone tracks, and then two that seem to be there in aid of padding it out. GLARE, track for track, simply doesn’t fall into this category. It does not step down, nor does it take its foot of the pedal. It’s an EP that the band can really be proud of, and as avid listeners, their fans can find themselves cherishing for a long, long time.

Check it out below:

Words: Sam Meaghan