The 5th studio album from Leeds’s The Pigeon Detectives is slightly hit-and-miss, with more of the tracks unfortunately landing on the ‘miss’ side. Due for release on 24th February this year on Leeds-based Dance To The Radio label, the LP consists of 10 tracks, each surpassing the three-minute-mark.

The album opens in a disappointing way with ‘Wolves’. A track that is similar to the Neighbourhood, it’s pretty repetitive and feels almost lethargic, a theme that is unfortunately carried on throughout the remainder of the album.

The second track, ‘Lose Control’, has engaging percussion from the outset, yet it does seem funny that it’s such a polished track with no obvious raw emotion or indeed enthusiasm – but maybe it’s too subtle for the likes of me and you.

‘Munro’ is the longest on the album by about 1 minute at 6:18. It’s not horrendous until the 4:20 mark when it starts to sound like Nintendo’s over-mastered electronic noise.

Yet, ‘Enemy Lines’ and ‘Stay With Me’ restored my faith a little in the band. With ‘Enemy Lines’ I felt for the first time on the album that the 5 men were genuinely feeling the music, and I don’t understand why it’s the least listened to so far. We finally hear the Yorkshire accent again in ‘Stay With Me’, and although it loses the momentum for a while, it’s built back up again really effectively. It also finally brings back the traditional indie jams, yet contrasts them with seemingly futuristic sounds leading to an interesting blend.

The final track of ‘Change My World’ is equally as underwhelming as the rest of the LP; any hope of a last-minute saving grace went to its grave early on. With lyrics such as “I’m over you” it’s relatable; I’m over The Pigeon Detectives, and ‘Broken Glances’ certainly is not going to change my world.

You can buy Broken Glances via Dance To The Radio on 24th February 

Words: Isis Pealing