There is really nothing like catching wind of a band before everyone else, and then just watching them grow into something spectacular. I (sorry for the first person), first caught wind of COLOUR almost 18 months ago, and immediately requested an interview. Some time a long the way, they’ve released a simply brilliant EP in Kafé, and are now following it up with EP, The Famous Boy Making Things. 
Yet, it is this very single, ‘Slow’, that has everyone talking. It’s beautiful, destructive, addictive, and incredibly tasteful… So just like any drug. COLOUR, are tipped for great things this year, and with every single release having you taken aback, you can just see why. This band will be huge. In the words of that main character in the film, ‘Sing School’, COLOUR are “happy sad”, just like every great band before them, and they will be a great band before a whole host of new reprobates try and take on what it is they are achieving sonically.
It’s hard to explain just how exciting this new EP is for the band, and indeed for fans like myself. ‘Slow’, is a telltale sign that it is going to be nothing short of incredible. It’s too early to say it’ll be flawless, but by jove, ‘Slow’, is a flawless single. Get excited, read the interview below…
Hey guys, how are we today? 
Hi Sam, Connor here! We’re very well thanks, just about recovered from all the recent festivities and eager to get back in the game!
Now a second EP is in the works, other than ‘Slow’, what else can we expect? 
Well, the full EP will be released in late February which will contain 3 more brand new songs! The general theme of the EP is based around hangups you get when you grow up. Things such as debt, cynicism, work and loneliness.
Based on ‘Slow’, there is a clear progression lyrically. You could say that there is some maturity, less pop, more art-rock. Was this intentional? 
I completely agree! And I can say that as I actually had very little input on any of the lyrics for this EP (precisely none whatsoever, in fact)! I think it was intentional, and the idea was to write about something that everyone can empathise with in one way or another. Each track from the EP carries a different theme – in the case of ‘Slow’, its about a guy who is consumed by loneliness before being rescued by a girl only to push her away. I know it probably sounds a bit depressing when I put it like that but the songs aren’t all negative – with most of them taking a positive turn around the halfway mark and ultimately flipping the proverbial rod towards the source of the problem.
How have you found the response to, ‘Slow’? 
So far the response has been great! We’ve had lots of very kind words said about the track and the video – on which my good friend Rach McMahon did an absolutely incredible job! So yeah, its a good feeling to see people really getting on board and understanding what we’re all about and, of course, enjoying the music. We’re having a lot of fun making things happen at the moment!
What have the recording sessions been like in the lead up to finishing the EP? 
There have been tantrums, catastrophes, laughs and many many long days and nights.. but overall, the sessions have been great. We had only just finished recording ‘Kafe’ when we started on the first tracks for ‘FBMT’ so it feels like we’ve been in the studio forever! We also spent a couple of days in the studio with Dan Swift after he saw us play at Great Escape last year, so that was really cool. We usually tend to record everything ourselves so it was a pleasant change to have someone as experienced as Dan at the helm for this one. He’s a really great guy and has gone above and beyond to help us make something different!
Will there be many differences between this EP and the last one? 
Yeah, absolutely. I think this EP is much heavier sounding than the last one. The songs are still all centered around strong, hooky pop melodies, but now the music and lyrics behind them are much more prudent and relatable too.
The name seems a bit odd, could you shed any light on it? 
The name stems from Tidd’s youth. When he was a wee lad he went through a phase of drawing comic books and recording radio shows and stuff in his room. Apparently, whenever he was working on one of his creations, he would put a sign up on his bedroom door that read ‘famous boy making things’ – yes, James was an adorable child. The name is a kind of throwback to a time when you could dream big without being hindered or put off by the obstacles that often present themselves during adulthood and ultimately stop you from doing what you want to do – its something that we thought most people could relate to.
Will we be lucky enough to get a COLOUR tour on the back of this? 
One (and all) can most certainly hope so! We have a good few irons in the fire on the gig front and are currently in the process of arranging dates throughout the next 12 months, so keep your eyes peeled!
How long did it take Connor to pull a straight face in the photoshoot? 
Haha! Too long! Eventually Tidd handed me a clock in the hope that it would rouse more of a cool/moody pose. It didn’t work though so I ended up just holding it directly in front of my face – which I actually think turned out quite well!
Lastly, other than the EP, what will 2017 bring to the fans of COLOUR? 
Well, 2016 was a really good year for us. We played some really great shows all over the country and have really started to get into our stride now. We’re hoping to build more on the momentum we’ve gathered and keep smashing out as much new material as possible. More songs, more videos and generally more things for fans to get involved in. There will also be many more gigs in various cities around the country, which is something we’re really excited about! We try to make every gig we do special and memorable in some way, and we put a lot of effort into making sure we meet everyone that comes along in person – its not just about the music for us! There is no greater feeling than sharing your own thoughts, feelings and experiences (good and bad) through music with a room full of people who really ‘get it’ and are as passionate about it as you are! 2016 was good, but now we’re ready to smash 2017 into oblivion.

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Words: Sam Meaghan