Okay, okay, we are late to the party with this band. Their latest release came out in July of 2016. Yet, being fashionably late to the effervescent fun of a band such as Peaness doesn’t really matter. If anything, if you’re reading this scoffing to yourself about how you have known this band longer than us, it’s your fault for not sharing this delightful band.

Admittedly, nobody likes to share their chocolate, and Peaness access those sort of endorphins that boast selfishness, as well as, sheer joy. This band harness a sound that can be likened mostly to the mid 90s coming of age soundtracks. But has a way of turning from songs about love and desperation, to music that happily makes a point about current affairs (see: Fortune Favours The Bold).

With Peaness, it has to be said, that in parts of their music punk has simply never sounded so fun. It’s an eclectic mix of making you want to do a cry whilst doing a dance, whilst making you want to do a dance whilst doing a cry. They are a band that have you gripped from the start, but can have you constantly shifting your focus from what they are saying, to what you are feeling.

Peaness are a band, that in time will have themselves a loyal following. There is something about their raw sound that just has you thinking of those early albums from The Cribs. It’s purpsoefully rough, but almost certainly accidentally cool. You can’t not love this band wholly. It’s all just very fun. Maybe Peaness have even made their own genre, of which they can now be pigeon holed in, and for the sake of this article, we’re going to call it pink punk.

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Words: Sam Meaghan