The state of indie rock is in a state of disrepair. Every band is either sucking the dick of Van McCann or wanking themselves dry over Matt Healy’s frankly vomit inducing tones. Which is why being asked to review a band called Idle Frets for me, a particularly judgemental prick, could have given me the dullest day I had since talking to anyone with a Bastille shirt on.

This was not the case. Idle Frets have, for a start, a singer with the most impassioned, throat burning voice, since Gaslight Anthem popped up ten years ago and have genuine hooks which offer genuine excitement. This song, ‘Glow’, starts with funky guitar, slow-burning synths and savvy production, which threatens to go down the path of The Sound. Yet, it stops itself with something that has always seemed forced in this genre of music – actual, real emotion.

The chorus is belted out with a force so almighty, the microphone hardly withstands it. This is something you wouldn’t feel ashamed singing with your pint held high, sun glaring down on you, paint dripping down your face helped along by actual real tears. This band mean something- check them out.

Check it out below:

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Words: James Kitchen