“Who are Artificial Pleasure”, is what you may be wondering after seeing their name pop up out of nowhere. Well, they are, in the time scale of 3:30 going to be your new favourite band. 

They were once known as The Night Engine, a name under which they achieved some fairly good success, mainly supporting The 1975. The name change came by and fans from the band’s earlier stages may have been wondering exactly why they did that. But one thing is pretty much a dead cert, name change or not, Artificial Pleasure still have it. By jove do they still have it. They might even have more than it now.

Rambling over, Artificial Pleasure are a band that will more than wet the appetite of any 80s revivalist fan, they’ll stuff you so full you want to do a sick. Artificial Pleasure in their two singles, the latter of which is called, ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’, are one of the most important offerings at the tail end of this dreadful year.

‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’, can’t really be put into words. It’s inexplicably infectious, and so unsalty in its delivery, that it has you coming back for more of its sweet, sweet grooves. What’s even more tempting about the band’s latest offering is the Wes Anderson style video. Pastel colours are one of the main features throughout, a man giving birth to himself is what it all results in. God knows why, but the music is so glaringly good that what happens in plain sight comes second to what you hear.

Check it out below, if you don’t like it, you clearly lack taste.