There is nothing more annoying, than running the bath, getting into your birthday suit, and shivering outside of the bath whilst you look for the perfect playlist. Yet, in a moment of sheer genius, Chance The Rapper, has decided to cover all of our backs, by creating a playlist that is fit for bathing.

The rapper has had a whirlwind of success in 2016, so it’s no surprise that he found time to celebrate by ensuring his fans are well equipped for the time they spend with their rubber ducks.

Amidst getting a number one hit on Billboard 100 with his track, ‘No Problem’, launching his own festival AND going out on a huge world tour, Chance must have been fairly certain one what music would be relaxing after a hard day of work.

The rapper said to his fans on Twitter: ““I been neglecting myself, not taking care of me. I take a shower everyday. But when is it bath time?” He continued: “Enjoy a bath once in a while. I made this playlist. Get in the tub, press shuffle and treat yourself.”

The playlist goes from the obvious choice of Bon Iver, through to the arguably less obvious Drake, who is somewhat more appropriate for dancing.

The 26-track playlist also includes Frank Ocean, along with Drake, Erykah Badu, Young Thug, Solange, Gucci Mane, and a healthy dose of and Kirk Franklin.

Surprisingly, Chance’s good friend Kanye West is missing, despite their collaborations on The Life of Pablo and Colouring Book.

It really is the ideal playlist for a quick scrub in the tub, so get your rubber ducks and shower caps at the ready and listen to the playlist below: