Originality as always sweeps through the new Cabbage single ‘Celebration of a Disease’, but are the Mossley boys preparing for the big time with a slightly more marketable sound?

After their recent support slot on Kasabian’s tour, you can hear some influence of the Leicester superstars in this new track. The pulsating beat adds more of a toe-tapping dance aspect to the usual brazen, growling sound you can hear on earlier singles like ‘Kevin’ – but it doesn’t go amiss.

Despite this, the Cabbage snarl we’ve grown to love in their early EPs remains. The same scratchy guitars lend themselves perfectly to the usual angry bellowed lyrics but the catchy chorus is one that could be sung back live with the same gusto that we’ve seen ‘Necroflat in the Palace’ treated to in recent shows.

With the opening few lines about emancipated teenage dreams likely to strike a chord with the many young disenfranchised fans that the band have already collected, it’s not exactly unlikely that this single could quickly become a crowd favourite as the band look to continue their incredible exponential growth from the last year or so.

It’s the same chaotic, snarling Cabbage – but they’re starting to sound slightly more polished, slightly more coherent, slightly readier for the big time.

The Cabbage lyrical message appears to be one hell-bent on political revolution but first, we may see them lead a neo-punk revolution on the playlists of indie kids across the land.

Words: Dean Smith