You would’ve thought it was unusual for a melancholic album to ease your January blues, but Amber Run have made perfect sense of it. The now four-piece have returned with a sophomore record that showcases the band in their darkest and most mesmerising form, exhaling maturity amongst ghostly highs and unforgettable harmonies.

It’s not unusual for band to play it safe with their first album, which is what was ultimately felt with their debut ‘5am’, however they don’t hold back with this record. They completely push the boundaries with Radiohead-esque vibes, incredibly powerful riffs contrasting with the stunning yet harrowing vocals of Joe Keogh that go hand in hand with dreamy harmonies.

The record kicks off with ‘Insomniac’, a tune full of the classic Amber Run feel that we all know so well. It’s upbeat, silky and eases you into the record – letting you know that although you’re in for a ride that you’re not used to with these guys, the authenticity of the band’s folk sound is still there.

‘No Answers’ is where the darkness begins. It is a track full of simplicity with undertones of rebellion amongst punchy guitars and heavy riffs. And The glimmering piano cuddling it throughout works really well against this backdrop. The angst at the end of this track is where it all kicks off, where the band let you know what you’re in for with this record. They’re back and they’re not messing around.

We’re then introduced to ‘Island’, the game changer of the record. The title of the album is taken from this track and rightly so. It is a combination of everything we hear on this record – eeriness, incredible percussion, gorgeous harmonies and raw emotion. This one is best served at nighttime in a dimly lit room – it is magic.

Amongst the strong singles we’ve already heard such as ‘Haze’, ‘Stranger’ and ‘Fickle Game’, Amber Run continue to wear their heart of their sleeve throughout the entirety of this record and it won’t disappoint you. For A Moment, I Was Lost is an album full of surprises with indications of their frustration and experiences the have overcome within the music industry, perhaps they had not ‘found’ themselves before after all. ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’ takes you on a dreamy journey of ghostly highs with heavy turns and emotional corners – it’s absolutely a record to be excited about.

For A Moment, I Was Lost, will be released on the 10th February, 2017. 

Words: Shannon Carragher