The Scouse Americana 6 piece ‘Red Rum Club’ have taken the world of music by storm with the release of their debut album ‘Matador’. This is possibly the best debut album I have heard in a while! Having seen the band live a few times now, listening to the album brought back scenes of fans dancing and having a good time. Last year Red Rum Club headlined a gig for The Pentatonic on a Sunday evening at Jimmy’s in Manchester, the same week they were signed to Modern Sky UK, the label who had plans to release their debut album. Red Rum Club joined the likes of The Slow Readers Club, The Blinders & No Hot Ashes at the growing record label, a fantastic addition in our opinion. The album was recorded at the very famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, the perfect place to record their debut album. Over the years Parr Street Studios has been home to many bands including, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Doves & Elbow, and now Red Rum Club!

The highly anticipated debut album ‘Matador’ kicks off with a fast paced gallop, which we can only presume is the sound of the famous champion thoroughbred steeplechaser ‘Red Rum’. ‘Angeline’ is the perfect introduction song to this brilliant album. With its intense verses and loud, catchy chorus, ‘Angeline’ hooks you in from the very start! ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’ is the next song on the album, this song is special, it gives you visions of the wild wild west, but instead of guns and fighting, people are dancing and having a great time, this is a classic feel good tune.

Matador’ unveils new songs such as ‘Hung Up’, ‘TV Said So’ & ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’. All of which are very impressive, they just show that these 6 lads from Liverpool are not just great showmen when it comes to the live performances, but are extremely talented musicians who have worked for years to get to this moment!

Next up is the Red Rum Club single that I have seen being played all over the place recently, ‘Honey’. ‘Honey’ is another great asset to this impressive album. The lyrics are very well written for this song, it has meaning and tells a story. The opening line “A pair of hearts too cold to beat, a rocky start so bittersweet” gives you a feeling this could be based on a true love story with a rough start. This is possibly my favourite tune on the album as it never gets boring, it doesn’t matter how many times you listen (I have listened to it 6 times already just writing this review)!

Towards the end of the album, Red Rum Club squeeze in some more great songs including ‘Calexico’, ‘Casanova’ & ‘Remedy’, which all have that strong old school americana vibe that runs through this album like a stick of rock from Blackpool! The band conclude the album with title track ‘Matador’, a fantastic way to finish an amazing debut album.

This is one of the best debut albums i have listened to in a long time. There isn’t a bad tune on this record, it is a great listen from top to bottom. This is the one to really put Red Rum Club on the map, this band are going to go places this year! It’s only a matter of time until these 6 lads from Liverpool are selling out big venues around the world. Red Rum Club will celebrate the release of their debut album with a Sold Out launch party at Phase One in their hometown of Liverpool. The lads go on tour with This Feeling in March starting in Newcastle on 7th March and closing the tour in London on 23rd March. Tickets are on sale now!

Matador’ is released on 11th January 2019 via Modern Sky UK.

Written by: James Thomas