You may be wondering who Anaïsa is, and that is fair enough. It’s pretty much the same for every artist we push through the “Introduction” section. Alas, Anaïsa is a different case, though. As Anaïsa has answered some questions here, and will be playing our first birthday party on the 29th April. 

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Get to know Anaïsa below:

Who is Anaïsa?

I’m a habitually late sloth enthusiast from the darkest creeks of sheep ridden welsh mountains. Not one to be the fondest of leeks, daffodils or Katherine Jenkins but I do enjoy forcing unusual thoughts on people by performing my own songs.

What is Anaïsa?

An alternative pop artist wannabe with a constant craving for chocolate.

Where is Anaïsa?

You can usually find me in my sloth onesie* admiring my pet goldfish and relating to his feeling of being trapped, going days without food.

When did Anaïsa start?

I found myself lonesome on stage one day so I pulled out my shell horn and simply called out “Musicians assemble”.

How did you meet?

Originally I met myself at birth, but I found myself one day on a journey to rhyl, it changed me.

Why is Anaïsa?

Why not is Anaisa?

Explain your live show:

It all begins with a single beam of light majestically shining down on Guitarist Felicity Shagwell (but we call him Bill) standing with back to audience in a skin tight red catsuit, he then breaks out into a triangle solo while the band pirouette on stage and I descend from the ceiling on a single branch, sloth either side.

What can we expect from 2017?

I have two options, either drop my debut single in the next few months produced by a pirate unicorn who goes by the name of Cameron Warren or pursue my life long ambition of hand crafting small hairstyles for miniature gnomes.

Where can we find your music? if that doesn’t work keep up to date on my social media accounts for links to my upcoming releases this year.

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