Having released their debut eponymous album earlier in 2017, The Sly Persuaders play ferocious, dirty, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, in the truest sense of the word. With a vocalist crooning away that reminds of an Elvis gone bad and filled with amphetamines, a cacophonous racket akin to the early Stooges behind him, the band clearly wear their influences on their proverbial sleeve(s).

However, the band are much more than this, and on songs like “Hey Faustus”, they show their ability to translate their influences into a sound that is their own, a grimy attack on the eardrums that gives an energy equivalent to the moshpit of your favourite cramped basement venue. Although only March, the band have released an early contender for one of the best newcomer albums of the year. Music to fuck, fight, and drink to.

You can get to know them below…

 Who are The Sly Persuaders? 

The Sly Persuaders are (in order of descending height): Chris – vocals & guitar; Lee – keyboards, guitar, & backing vocals; Danny – bass guitar & backing vocals; Alex – drums & backing vocals

What are The Sly Persuaders?

A maelstrom of loud noises, trembling rhythms, and acerbic wit.

Where are The Sly Persuaders? 

South London based, but three of us are outcasts from the North of England.

When did The Sly Persuaders form? 

Sometime between 2012 and 2013… exact dates are hazy.

How did you meet? 

Chris & Danny have been partners in musical crime for ever. We needed a keyboard player so we bullied Lee into joining. Alex was the last to join, filling the drum seat vacated by our last drummer… who hasn’t been seen since.

Why are The Sly Persuaders a band? 

We’re driven by a need to build something that we’d all be happy listening to. Sometimes it doesn’t exist so we’re obliged to create it.

Explain your live show:

Live we’re a mixture of nervous energy, super cool nonchalance, and Northern swagger.

What can we expect from 2017?

Hopefully going back into the studio to record more music

Where can we find your music?

slypersuaders.bandcamp.com (our debut album is available to buy on vinyl or download). We’re also on Spotify and all good digital retail outlets.

You can follow, and like, the band, here:

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Words: Dan Pare