Who are Disastronauts?

Disastronauts is comprised of Tayler Little (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), George Buxey (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Ted Barnes (Bass), and Adam Clarke (Drums).

What is Disastronauts?

Disastronauts is a neo-90s whirlwind beast with 4 heads and 7 arms. Basically, if Pavement, Fugazi, The Pixies, and Sonic Youth had a test tube baby, this would be the result. Their songs have a lackadaisical vibe with quirky and imaginative lyrics. Formed in 2016, the band quickly became known for their stage presence in the Liverpool DIY scene. From jumping into the crowd to thrashing about on stage, Disastronauts is destined to entertain. Although each member hails from various parts of the UK and the US, the band comes together through their mutual love for chaotic feedback.

Where is Disastronauts?

Disastronauts is a Liverpool based band.

When did Disastronauts form?

The band came together in January 2016, shortly after the lead guitarist released “The Homelife Demos”

How did Disastronauts meet?

The band members met through the Liverpool University Band Society and were friends long before they were band members. The catalyst that sparked the formation of Disastronauts was the lead guitarist’s “The Homelife Demos”. George expressed the desire to start a band with these demos, and the rest is history. Since the band formed they have drastically developed and improved upon the demos and have found a sound that suits each member.

Why is Disastronauts a band?

At the moment, there is a lot of negativity in the world, especially surrounding womens rights, and alternative lifesyles. Disastronauts is here to advocate for the unheard and under-represented. Disastronauts was part of the Liverpool Reclaim the Night event in 2015 and hope to continue to take part in feminist events. We always attempt to create a place to escape the negativity of the world at our live shows. We have all been a part in the music industries of our hometowns for most of our teenage lives, so coming together in Liverpool was just natural. We are all weirdos, so standing up for the other outcasts in the world is our main goal. I mean how many other bands have a one armed guitarist!?

What can we expect from 2017?

The plan for 2017 is to record and release two new singles, and eventually an EP. Disastronuats next goal is to conquer the north with upcoming shows in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, and Lancaster. The band has a few festival dates lined up that they are extremely excited to announce. In addition to all of this excitement, Disastronauts is getting a load of new merch! Who wouldn’t want to be decked out in Disastronauts merch!?

Where can we find your music?

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnbVt5jKrxE

Bandcamp: https://disastronautsuk.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DisastronautsUK/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DisastronautsUK
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disastronautsmusic/

Words: Krystian Hudson