With The Cheap Thrills, it was thought that they might have just packed it all in. But then announcements of their EP started flittering through social media, a premiere came along, and since its release, it’s all people want to listen to. 

GLARE, is four singles, not four tracks. It’s a stand out performance in its entirety. This is, easily, going to be one of the best releases from Liverpool this year. What better way to get this point across than having a chat with one of the hottest prospects emanating from Merseyside.

Alright lads, who is it that I find myself talking to?

Alright la, its Lew, i’ll try and give nice answers no swear words xx

How are you?

I’m alright, still trying to get over the EP launch and the hangover that came with it; it was nuts.

Down to brass tax: how long was the EP in making?

We had a bit of a busy year with work and uni and stuff but were still reluctant to rush it so it took us about a year to get it all boxed off!

When did you start writing for it?

A lot of it has been floating about for years especially some of the hooks but… We did machine first and it started as a single but once it got going we knew it had to be in this collection. it was just our busy year that slowed us down otherwise it probably would have been a summer release. We smashed the other three between the end of summer and start of autumn and have been sitting on them, sorting shit out since.

What a response, how has that felt?

Its boss. We are so, so appreciative of everyone supporting us. Its got to a stage were the support has overweighed what were doing. We feel like we we it to people now to keep it up.

You’ve been doing The Cheap Thrills for almost ten years, how insane is that? Did you ever imagine such longevity?

Jesus, has it been that long? its only seven you’re putting years on us! It It feels boss and it always has, we’ve been mates since we were like 7.

How have you managed to keep yourselves going for so long?

To be honest i can’t see us splitting at all ever. we’ve tried falling out and we can’t really.

This EP, is easily your best material to date, does it give the band vindication to know that it has been taken to so well?

yeah its always nice when people like your latest release, and its cemented that our sound is our sound, and its fucking lovely knowing the music we like making is the music people like listening to.

 The launch looked both insane and emotional, how did it feel?

Yeah it was emotional people were crying and that it was a mad one.

Over the course of your time together, would you say that this release is the best yet?

Yeah, easy. Cheap thrills for me these days is about progression and being able to see and hear that progression, and with this one i’m fucking made up with it. i’ve been made up with previous EP’s but this one feels more like a collection of four boss singles than an EP we pieced together (often for free with students) between studios.

What can we expect following on from this? A tour? More singles?

We’ve got two more new videos for Setting sun and tides to come. Rather than an EP we wanted to make a collection of four singles and so each one to us deserves a video. and yeah touring and getting ourselves out there. BOOK US WE’RE BOSS.

Lastly, if you had to take one track off the EP as a desert island disc, which one would you choose?

Tides. Never know might make a mermaid wash up for us. Xx

Words: Sam Meaghan