Gold Phoenix are a band that are as monochrome as any of your favourite post-punk bands. And in great auteur fashion, they never fray away from looking completely, and utterly, miserable.

It’s their dark pensive sound that has you hooked. But matching this with some of their heavier soundscapes brings it to any audience, unsuspecting or not.

Get to know them below:

Who are Gold Phoenix?

Gold Phoenix are Jamie Tipson (Guitar/Vocals), Fred Higley (Bass, Backing) Ed Suter (Drums, Backing) and occasionally Bell Diablo (A giant red cowbell).

What is Gold Phoenix?

Garage Rock – Blues Rock- Hard Rock Power Trio by Genre, Gold Phoenix to us is fuelled by the love of past and present bands, and hopefully something we’d personally listen to…after all, if we wouldn’t listen to it, why would anybody else?

Where is Gold Phoenix?

Two towns a few minutes apart, Redhill & Reigate in Surrey. They couldn’t be more opposite of each other, nothing great about either, no music venues, a few bands, pubs filled with cover bands, a big dole queue in Redhill, and shops filled with shabby chic shit in Reigate.

When did Gold Phoenix form?

2014 was the year, we were all in other musical projects, and GP started as a side project by myself (Jamie) and Ed as a two piece. We then had such a rad time that we signed the adoption papers and made it our own. Fred was then recruited for his super sweet slapping of the bass. And pow, we’re still here.

How did you meet?

Me (Jamie) met Ed at a weird gig we were both playing in a field, that wasn’t a festival, it even had a tombola, I won a bottle of Malibu on that said tombola and after consuming it, me and Ed ended up playing “We Will Rock You” on a bass drum in a football clubs changing room. Ed and Fred met during their time in another band, and I met Fred though Ed. Sounds like a Kipper story doesn’t it.

Why is Gold Phoenix a band?

Our goal was to set out playing music inspired by our favourites, to achieve a few personal goals but mostly, to get as many people to listen to us and like us as possible. But to also make music we like. We’re all really good friends, so getting to hang out with your best lads and make music you all freaking enjoy makes everything worthwhile.

Explain your live show:

I’ll explain in single words, Loud – Hair – Black Attire – Cowbell – Hood Up – Gold Shoes – More Hair – Shirtless – Socks – Raw – Leg Dancing – Head Movements – Sweat.
*What can we expect from 2017?

As many shows as we can play, a new single out in late February/March, another in the second part of the year. We don’t pay big PR companies or booking agents. So whatever we can do with our own heads put together we shall do.

Where can we find your music?

Youtube –
Facebook –

Words: Krystian Hudson