Fresh from the shores of sunny-old Wigan, come the four-piece Ravellas. Built upon a sound that fuses indie-pop, with self-deprecating lyrics.

Most of the band’s songs tell stories of love, loss, and at times desperation. Some of it sounds like an exhausted front man watching from the sidelines as a girl is being a bit desperate (see: ‘Puppettes’).

Get to know them below…

Who are Ravellas?

Ravellas are Mac(singer/guitar), Jon(singer/bass), I’m Bish(guitar/backing vocals) and Aidan(drums). And I think even my mum’s been in the band at one point on vocals in the audience.

What is Ravellas?

Four piece Indie/pop/rock. Sounds very unoriginal when you put it like that, doesn’t it?

Where is Ravellas? 

In the pie capital of the world, home of Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, a very silly world-famous pier, some two-bit theatre which were big in the 70s, a guy called Fat Harry, a lot of dodgy pubs, a dole queue as long as Theresa May’s nose. Oh, and The Verve.  Wigan.

When did Ravellas form? 

After I finished Breaking Bad I didn’t know what to do with my life, so I thought fuck it, I guess I’ll start a band (2015).

How did you meet?

Me(Bish) met Mac properly through going to our local indie club in Wigan(Indiependance. Cheers Daryl I’ll take a free pint for the plug). I’d knew who he was for a while before that through mutual friends but I didn’t like the look of him at first so I steered clear. But he’s all right really, we’re best of friends now of course haha!  I don’t really remember the first few times we proper spoke to be honest. We weren’t really the types to wake up the morning after with a fresh head and read the morning paper, before going for an afternoon stroll if you know what I mean.  We met our drummer Aidan through a mutual friend in the pub one night, and when talking about that me and Mac are trying to start something up, Aidan played drums and just went from there. Mac already knew Jonny our bass player, and they met through playing in different local bands when they were about 16. So when we needed a bass player Jonny was the obvious choice.

Why are Ravellas a band? 

I remember watching local bands in Wigan before we started and just thinking this is absolute bullshit. All there were was old men cover bands, wet wannabe American pop punk bands, new age dinosaur rock bands with hair that just didn’t end, and bands taking inspiration from a riff the keyboard player of Keane played on an unreleased B side. Very uninspiring.

In combination with me finishing Breaking Bad, I think we started it as more a case of serving a duty to the public.  It was a sad state of affairs honestly. I think Wigan went through a pretty dark phase musically for a while there.
Having said that, there are some ace bands around Wigan now. To name a few would be Lyon Road, Marcadia, Mexicola and Shallow Waters.

Explain your live show:

We just play songs and jig about a bit you know? We don’t do any fancy choreographed fake stage moves. I hate all that shit you see bands do, like “Oh we’re pop punk so we have to do Busted jumps.” Or, “Oh we’re metal so we all have to swing our hair about at a certain point in the song.” Just get on with it and have fun.

What can we expect from 2017?

We’ve got a busy 2017 lined up. We’re starting the year recording our debut EP in January which we’re really excited for.  So we’re planning on releasing the single from that in February. We’re also starting gigging from the start of February and we’re pretty much booked up until the end of April. We’ve got our first headline gig at London’s Camden Assembly(ex-Barfly) on the 24th of February, so that’s the one we’re probably excited for the most. We’ve got a couple of festival slots penned in and we’re hoping we’ll hear back from more soon.

Where can we find your music? 

Everywhere online or we have CDs at our gigs to giveaway!

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Words: Sam Meaghan