You may remember The Baltic States from a recent feature on the release of their live video from Q Fest. It was brilliant, so we decided to dig deeper and get to know the band a little better.

Who’d have known that the band is actually a mut. Based in Liverpool, coming from Isle of Man, and as far as Latvia, it’s an interesting mix, that makes for an even more interesting live band.

Get to know them below…

Who are The Baltic States?

The Baltic States is a three-piece electronica band consisting of Helen Morrisson, Jev Maligins & Vadim Sidoroff. Hailing from the Isle of Man, Helen does the singing business and the song-writing. The men are Latvian: Jev is the sonic-creator – the one who never sleeps does pretty much all the hard work: production, writing songs, editing… (the list goes on..). Vad is the drummer, and brings the energy and groove into the band.

What is The Baltic States?

The Baltic States is an electronica band. It spins many references and influences together, but, in a nutshell, it’s female-fronted, electronic, sexy, rhythmtastic, moodiness.

Where is The Baltic States?

The Baltic States is in Eastern Europe. It consists of Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia. We, however, are based in Liverpool.

When did The Baltic States form?

The Baltic States formed in 2013. It began as a faceless electronic duo with Jev and Helen writing songs together and releasing them. However, as time progressed, we decided to expand to the world of live performance and added Vad to the dynamic, which progressed the sound of the band hugely.

How did you meet?

Helen and Jev met at a gig that Helen was playing with her former band, The Wretched Pearls. He asked her if she’d like to collaborate on some ideas he had. Jev was also friends with Vad, as they’re from the same city in Latvia.

Why are The Baltic States a band?

The Baltic States is a band because we love what we do; we all make music because we have to. There’s a deep level of love, respect, possibility and faith in this band. We all bring such unique aspects to the band that it’s impossible to continue what we’re doing without each other. We’re all so passionate about the music we make, and the feeling we get from the amazing reception from fans really drives and motivates us to believe in ourselves and move forward.

Explain your live show:

The band dress in black and Helen tends to take centre stage by wearing ethereal outfits designed to enhance her didactic dancing and swaying. Jev is very energetic on stage – he always brings a fun element to the performance. Vad just goes balls-out on the drums. This is all enhanced by the entrancing visuals that really take the audience to another world. The mood varies in the set depending on the song and the visuals. It journeys through many states: from hypnotic and smooth, to soaring ecstasy, to high-energy full-blown rave.

What can we expect from 2017?

An album, even more new songs, a year crammed with gigs and you’ll be hearing a lot more of us as we’ve recently been featured in Season 2 of Lifetime’s ‘Unreal’ and are due to be played in an episode of Bravo’s ‘A Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce’. We’re really excited!

Where can we find your music?

You can find us on Soundcloud and band-camp, and, very soon, we will be venturing forth into the world of Spotify and iTunes.

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Words: Sam Meaghan