Liverpool, though it is known for The Beatles, did have a stake in the national punk scene. Who’d have thought that the same street that The Fab Four crafted their art, was also the same street that it all kicked off. And for Last Reserves, that is no different. 
Not strictly a part of the scene, but definitely having some stake in what is coming out of Lennon’s Bar on Matthew Street, comes the latest addition to Liverpool’s reemerging punk scene. Last Reserves have an EP under their belt, a successful launch, and now a few dates that’ll see them even venture to that unholy place… Manchester.
Get to know them below…
Who are Last Reserves?
Alice Nancy – vocals
Matt Bonnell – bass
Jack Rothwell – guitar
Phil Shacklady – drums
What is Last Reserves?
A four-piece punk band.
Where is Last Reserves
Liverpool based. The lads are from St Helens. Alice lives in Formby but she’s from Dagenham which is shit so you can’t accuse her of being posh.
When did Last Reserves form? 
January 2014.
How did you meet?
Matt and Jack went to school together, they got this show on the road. Phil joined the band in early 2016.  He was a helpful addition because he’s also a producing prodigy and he’s never in a bad mood so he’s good for team morale. Alice joined in June 2016 She sent an acoustic demo to Matt for a podcast and happened to mention she’s into punk, not actually knowing about the band. Crazy luck that lead to her being auditioned when the last singer left to study in Manchester.
Why are Last Reserves a band? 
Our aim is to strip punk back to the bare bones and make music with energy. I think we’re all just a bunch of youngsters trying to do what our 10-year-old selves dreamed of, and what our parents wish they were doing.
Explain your live show? 
We’re a punk band so if you want to really experience our music, definitely come to one of our gigs. It’s very fast-paced, full on and there’s a lot of jumping around and shouting and it’s quite loud. Sometimes Alice overestimates the height of the ceiling and stands on things trying to be cool and then realises she can’t stand up straight and regrets her decision. Sometimes Matt overestimates the height of the ceiling and pogos too high and twats his head. If not for the music, at least come to laugh at how lame we are.
What can we expect from 2017?
More gigs, in Liverpool, Manchester and we’re hoping to play more out of town gigs too. We’re looking at releasing a second EP and also play some festivals.
Where can we find your music?
We’re on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp and we also have our EP Almost Roadkill on CD. You could also come to a gig! Our next gig is at Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Thursday 12th January, but we post all our gigs on our Facebook page, so check that out, we’d love to see you all at a show.
 Check them out below:

You can like Last Reserves, here.

Words: Sam Meaghan