It is not so often that you would find a musician, or at least a songwriting project such as Katie Mac, so unblemished and yet so unendorsed by outer groups. It’s all a one-woman effort, from booking the gigs, running the PR side of her latest EP, and booking what was a fairly large debut tour. Now, with a nationwide jaunt under her, and her band’s belt, Katie Mac is in a noticeably strong position. 
Katie’s songwriting prowess is one that sonically, when recorded is as clear as day. But, from the crescendos, through to the reductiveness of some of her music’s quieter moments, Katie Mac as a performer is becoming a live prospect as much as anything. From the little, yet well-known, town of Huyton, which is in Liverpool, Katie has built her sound, drafted in some musicians, and is doing a job of making herself heard.
Get to know her a little better below:
Who is Katie Mac? 
Katie Mac is a singer-songwriter from Huyton.
What is Katie Mac? 
If you come and watch Katie Mac you can expect a few different things. Acoustic shows are all me battling for the attention of loud gig goers. Otherwise, there can be up to six of us, loads of instruments and lots of singing. Deffo no chance we can hear any of you then.
Where is Katie Mac? 
Two dogs
When did Katie Mac start?  
1993. No doubt in my mind. Full of ridiculous ideas, such as attempting all of this nonsense, since minute 1.
Why is Katie Mac? 
Why not? I’m not very good at anything else. I’m not even very good at this, but it beats everything else. Good fun isn’t it?
Explain your live show:
A good 30-45 minutes of stress. Too many guitar changes, too many different tunings, a few too many snide looks at each other and too many instruments for the stages we play on. Why do we bother?
How does the recording process work?
I choose a song and give everyone loads of shit until everyone has played it well enough.
What can we expect from 2017?
My first gigs abroad, which make up an acoustic tour in Belgium. Many more gigs around the UK. Plenty of them. The kind of touring that if you wrote a book about it you’d never believe the things that happened were true. We are really good at finding those places. You’ll only understand if you turn up.
Where can we find your bangers?
Radio 6 (once). The rest of the time Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes. OR you can do the right thing and buy a CD to help a girl out.

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Words: Sam Meaghan