Spanning for 3 days across Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham and many venues in each city, Dot to Dot is establishing it’s name as one of the best metropolitan festivals around. With Sundara Karma headlining the festival it sets the feeling for the rest of the festival. This isn’t the sort of festival you get people jumping on the bandwagon because they’ve heard of one song from the headliner, this is a festival for music lovers who are passionate about up-and-coming music. The only problem with Dot to Dot is that there are just too many great bands playing at the same time; so to help you we’ve put forward our 5 favourite bands playing in Manchester.


With bouncing riffs and an incredible stage persona Larkins are tipped to be the one the next great bands to come from Manchester. They’re excellent vocals work perfectly alongside the jangly guitar sounds that force you to dance intensely along to the rhythm – not just a foot tap. From soft soothing songs like ‘Sapphire’ to heavy hitting dance-alongs like ‘Hit and Run’ Larkins are certainly a must see. Whether you’ve heard of them before or not you have no excuse not to see them as they are playing twice during the day in different venues.


Ruby Lounge/16:15


If you’re more into your pop-rock then De’Nova are the perfect band for you. Possessing the fire power to rivals some of the heavier bands, they have stripped back their sound for soothing melodies and heart-warming vocals that will leave you missing your loved ones. With deeper songs like ‘Rush’ they show that they’re not just a band for easy listening and that they can mix up their sound. ‘Brighter Days’ shows their more pop sound and rhythmic guitars that leave you feeling great.


Mint Lounge/16:15

Puppet Rebellion

Hard hitting guitar sounds with strong vocals making you feel the passion in the songs, Puppet Rebellion are one of the more established heavy hitters on the line-up. With years of experience under their belt and many out of town shows they’ve developed an excellent live performance that is not to be missed. With loyal fans that follow them all over you’ll feel part of the band when you’re mixed in the middle of them all bouncing off each other and shouting the catchy lyrics back at the band.


Dive NQ/17:30


Anthemic hits that will have the whole room singing and swaying. Corella are sure to bring a large crowd as they have a devout following that make sure they’re known about. With fast paced riffs that will get you in the mood for a party. Songs like ‘Waterfall’ are bound to be stuck in your head for weeks to come. Corella are set to make a massive ripple across Manchester so follow the sound and see them.



Jordan Allen

With fast choppy guitar and strong vocals Jordan Allen are set to be one of the main bands at Dot to Dot. You’ll hear their name mentioned all across Manchester during the day and a lot of people will stay late for them so get down early to not miss out. Coming off the back of a tour with The Sherlocks they have a stage presence wiser than their years and know how to deliver a great performance. Jordan Allen are certainly one of the new up-and-coming bands that you will hear more and more of over coming months so make sure you can say you saw them when they were still relatively small.


Ruby Lounge/00:15

Words: Stuart Daley