Sly Antics are back with yet another incredible song! Following on from the soundtrack to our Summer, ‘Motion’, is their brand new single ‘Sunday Fear’. Telling stories of beer fear and “hangxiety”, Sly Antics have turned your worst fear into an anthemic rock n roll song packed with sentiment and passion coupled with chants and catchy choruses.

Starting with a relaxing, almost elevator music intro, ‘Sunday Fear’ is suddenly interrupted by Sam Hudson’s raspy voice. Sly Antics fit so much power into this song, yet manage to bring it down for the slow, emotional choruses that build up until they climax back into the iconic riffs that are synonymous with Sly Antics. ‘Sunday Fear’ packs passion, power and all out party into 3 minutes of absolute brilliance.

Sly Antics are playing their biggest headline show at The Bread Shed, Manchester, on Saturday 3rd March.

Written by: Stuart Daley
Photo by: Trust A Fox