Matter of Mind’s ‘Stay’ hits you right in the feels with a sound that many thought long gone, dare I say it? A little bit of emo mixed with the saleability of pop punk… but the difference is they’ve done it well. Despite the opening line being “I’m never gonna see you again” it doesn’t feel like there’s any over dramatization but more importantly it feels like a well written single that might have many, such as myself, willing to listen to a style of music that has dead and gone for a long time.

There are some definite influences from bands that were massive during the mid-2000’s such as Hawthorne Heights or Funeral for a Friend and maybe even a few more modern bands such as Citizen or The Story So Far with a big introduction, lots of gang vocals and some great little lead guitar lines over the top of some big chords which leave you hoping for more tracks like this one.

Hitting the perfect match of personal yet relatable lyrics and great melodic guitar lines has left me hoping for more. I’m going to give this a 9/10 but I suppose I’m a bit biased because I’ve been waiting for this scene’s revival for a while.

Written By Adam Daniels
Photo: Stuart Daley