The Covasettes follow up their incredible single ‘This Feeling’ with a track that’s even more infectious. ‘Wondering Why’ takes a step away from their roots and shows a new maturity from The Covasettes. They are ever growing and this is a sure sign of their continuous improvements.

Matt Buckley’s drum’s make a statement of intent with the first note as they kick into action with a powerful guitar riff that rings throughout the song. Chris Buxton’s vocals take a more sombre tone than previous tracks with more heartfelt lyrics; yet keeping his unique voice that gives The Covasettes their much loved sound.

‘Wondering Why’’s infectious chorus combined with guitar solos and gradual build ups create a song that could define them and is a way finder for the Manchester based band. This track is sure to set them in direction of success and with some incredible shows already lined up it seems the only was if up for The Covasettes.

Written by: Stuart Daley