It’s 2017, and it’s time to go back to work to university and the real world. For most people, the gothic, chorus-laden monotony of ‘Human’ or the edgy misspelling of ‘Wild’ may throw you. But fear not — 2017 is the year of Wylde.

Cooped up in Edinburgh, inspired by the likes of DIIV, and taking influences from the likes of The Cure and Slowdive, gothic shoegazers ‘Wylde’ successfully reinvigorate the sound of 80s shoegaze. Interesting, inventive and something my mum and my ketamine-addicted classmate could all get on board with. Wylde were short-listed for many national festivals and went on a PRS-supported tour and played TRUCK Festival last summer. Hoping to build momentum made in 2016, the Scots hope to tour the UK and have plans to drop a single this spring. Promoters, musos or anyone not wanting to do those essays that were due in before Christmas, I urge you to check these guys out, get them on a show or go see them at a show near you. Here’s their banger of a track ‘Human’ released last year.

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Words: Ben Kelly