When looking for new music,I will often come across bands by accident. Other times I will hear great things about a band and go and check them out. But sometimes a friend will tell me about a band, a band I’ve never heard of before, and when I go to check them out, it will make me question whether or not I should listen and moreover trust that friend’s future judgement.

Friendship questioning recommendations have occurred in the past. You know, make or break stuff. “Check out But Leeds’ self-proclaimed noisegaze band Curb confirmed my trust was well placed.
Upon first glance, little was to be found about Curb, I got directed to a seven-minute live recording of their song ‘River’ on YouTube. After two-and-a-half minutes I was thinking how it was an ace little rock anthem for a new Northern three-piece, but was still perplexed as to why it was seven minutes long. Then, Christ. Suddenly an eruption of passionately screamed vocals, a sludgy bass line and eerie drum beats tangled in. Progressively getting louder and heavier whilst watching the frontman give it everything he’s got, completely hooked me. Chaos merely separated by long tension-building verses.

After 7 I was shocked to see that these hadn’t blown up on the heavier side of the Leeds music scene. So I did some research, they’ve got a few songs scattered around the internet and they’re all great. The live session of ‘River’ has been played on and showcased by BBC Introducing. Maybe it’s just me who has missed out on these. Maybe they’ve had poor-timing or maybe they’ve got a trick held up their sleeve. Maybe they’ll explode right around the corner. But fellow promoters, and to anybody else reading. Keep an eye on these guys.

You can like Curb, here.