To avoid the saturated market of “albums of the year” lists – due to what we believe to be a year of subpar albums, we’re bringing something different. This end of year list features what we believe to be the best singles of the year. 

One thing that has become apparent over the course of 2016, is that bands are touring with their singles more often. Reason being, is that they’re all incredibly skint. With that being said, some of the singles this year have far outdone the albums they have featured on. Some of them have given us a good taste for what’s in store, and others have just been fantastic stand alone pieces of art.

Below we have the low down…

Fearghal Conroy

Whitney – Golden Days: 2016 has been a bit of a shitty year with Brexit, Trump and Honey G! However this delightful ditty, would make anybody reminisce of the ‘golden days’ of 2015.

Oli Williams

Something More Original – Dead!: the boys from Dead! keep on surprising us with hit after hit. Their last single speaks the truth and shows how they’re improving with songwriting and creating anthems. Raw, pure and unstoppable.

Samantha Daly

Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude: It’s quietly beautiful and a perfect representation of why she has won 2016.

James Kitchen

Iggy Pop – Paraguay: Josh Homme’s sinister vocals. Matt Helders’ drums that sound like they’ve been stolen from an Aztec tribal metal band. Iggy’s aggressive confrontation with this passive information age is just the beginning,with the closer of the fine Post Pop Depression being the most listenable, vital and ferocious track the Godfather of Punk has put his name to since the 70s.

Leaharen Russo

The Rhythm Method – Party Politics

Dan Pare

Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker: The title track from his latest and last album, in which a growling bassline underpins Cohen’s world-weary growl. More than simply one of the finest singles of the year, but a reminder of how much he will be missed.

Shannon Carragher

Sundara Karma – Olympia 

Sam Meaghan

The Bulletproof Bomb – Sportswear Punk: When this single was first released, The Bulletproof Bomb were reborn. The use of synths makes the single all the more accessible, whilst what frontman Joel Douglas is singing, is making it all the more punk. It’s an eye-opening track lyrically, and something to tap your toe to all the same. It’s simply brilliant.