Back to basics indie-rock isn’t a new thing, it’s been around for years with many bands trying and failing to perfect, however that may be about to chance. Cumbrian born three piece A66 have tried their hand at this tried and tested recipe for music and have pulled it off in emphatic fashion.

Using their passion for music as a foundation A66 have developed an excellent sound that will only grow as they progress through the thriving music scene that perfectly suits their music.

Who are A66?
A66 are Ashley Palmer (Oasis tribute act), Dee Clark (weirdly obsessed with bread), Harry Ryder (the vaguely normal one).

What are A66?
A66 are three socially awkward Cumbrians who somehow seem to of managed to throw together a pretty decent band. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel musically, its nothing that hasn’t been done before. But it’s a basic formula that’s worked for decades and created loads of great bands yet people seem to shy away from it these days. The idea is to get crowds moving at gigs and write lyrics that actually say something relevant and hopefully mean something to normal everyday people.

Where are A66?
We’re all from Cumbria originally (hence the band name, it’s our road back!), but the band are based in Manchester. Dee summed it up best; “Cumbria is our roots but Manchester is our home.”

When did A66 form?
The band started within an hour of Ashley and Dee meeting for the first time in September 2016. But not a lot happened until January 2017. It was mainly Stone Roses covers and failed attempts at recording our first single.

Why are A66 a band?
Cos working in kitchens for the rest of our lives really isn’t that appealing! There seems to be a lot of middle class indie bands with fifty guitars layered on every track and some bloke with a synth, but there’s a distinct lack of working class rock bands using simple chords and a punk ethic (think The Buzzcocks, early Stereophonics etc) which seems a shame. It would be nice if we could be the ones to do something about that. None of us are classically trained or spectacularly talented by any means, but we’re passionate and we love what we do so hopefully that comes across in our music. Sometimes that’s more important. Also, we all like Adidas trainers. That in itself is enough of a reason.

Explain your live show.
We have a song about a one night stand, a song about football casuals, a song about drugs, a song about not getting the girl you want, a song about a homeless guy sleeping rough in the tunnel opposite the Ritz in Manchester, and a song about Theresa May. What more could you possibly need? Our live show is the centre of what we do, we try to keep it energetic and upbeat. We want our gigs to be a party!

What can we expect from 2017?
As many live shows as we can possibly do! We also have loads of material we want to record and release either as an EP or a series of singles. However we don’t like studios cos they’re a lot more restricting and less fun than playing live, so we have no idea how long that’ll take! A live EP is a possibility.

Where can we find your music?
Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Youtube. Keep up to date with gigs and whatever else we’re up to on Facebook (A66Band) and Instagram (A66bandUK).

Words: Stuart Daley