Harbouring from the home of England’s first chippy, Mossley, are indie-rock quintet Freeda. They headlined aatma in Manchester with The Reytons, Palace Motion and Kyngs. On a night where Scruff of the Neck took over the majority of Manchester, Freeda we’re arguably the stand-out name on the extensive list of bands playing that night.

Crossing over from Yorkshire were The Reytons, a band with a bit of attitude and lyrics to make you smirk and relate to. The Sheffield based band got the crowd moving and ready for the much anticipated headliners.

Freeda opened their set with ‘Case of Identity’ and ‘Into the Woods’ before going into their latest single ‘Plug it in’. They recorded an acoustic track of ‘Plug it in’ with us earlier in the day and hearing it again live with the full band puts a whole different perspective on the incredible song. It has received a lot of attention online since it’s release and received a lot of attentive ears at their show.

A few technical difficulties from the venue meant that Freeda had to switch up their set a little and yet still managed to maintain their high standards and keep the crowd entertained. They slowed things down a little and played a few acoustic tracks which emphasised Sean Rowles incredible vocals. Freeda built back up the power with a really strong rendition of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ and ended the night with their stand out track ‘Voodoo’ which was a perfect end to a really solid performance.

Written by: Stuart Daley