Like your music with some attitude and wit? Seegulls are the band for you. The Chester five-piece have developed the ability to seamlessly switch between gripping your throat, screaming at your face and then pulling at your heart-strings causing you to shed a tear to their heartfelt lyrics. The only thing more impressive than the constant output of catchy yet powerful songs is their infectious live shows which will have you whirling in a different dimension as lead singer James Kitchen riles up the crowd with impressive stage presence.

Who are Seegulls?

Seegulls are the collective ideas of James Kitchen, Cash Burns, Ellis Lincoln, Matty Carney and, as of two weeks ago, Tom Maude.

What are Seegulls?

Seegulls are a punk rock heart, a disco haircut, an emotional mess of a head and body brimming with discontent, fury, love, unrest and euphoria. All underneath the leathers, denims and flannels of late 90’s/early 00’s guitar bands. We are light in the dark places and the deep red when you close your eyes.

How did you meet?

Tom and Ellis go way back and both met Kitchen in the first week of uni, drawn together by a shared passion of music and the sesh. Cash and Matty appeared on the scene a week later, along with our first drummer Joshua Goodyear. Josh, Kitchen and Matty came up with the band one evening whilst jamming and drinking ciders. Ellis was our second choice to play bass and we regret our decision every day. Cash heard the songs and begged to join the band. We gave up saying no to him when he threw a brick through Kitchen’s window.

Explain your live show:

Literally anything could fucking happen. Broken mics, broken guitars, mic stands ending up the crowd, barely contained sexual tension between Tom and Cash, Kitch and Cash, Kitch and Ellis and Cash and Matty, the crowd becoming as much as part of the band as the band themselves, unrivalled passion and intensity and the best fucking night of your life.

What can we expect from 2018?

We’re playing some show with an up-to-scale publication whose name escapes me on 27th January (which happens to be Kitchens mum’s birthday), we head into the studio 2 days later and we will gig as frequently as our poorly paid jobs can muster. At least two songs will surface along with music video and lyric video. You can also expect from 2018 political unrest, sexual harassment allegations, terrorism and celebrity deaths which we will tackle head on like a rabid rugby league player.

Where you can find your music?

It’s the music that’s soundtracking your dreams, your sexual encounters, your highs, your lows and your ever-questioning fragility of life- so fucking everywhere. Vids on Tube, FB, Twatter, Slobify and Instagoon.

Listen to Eat Lazarus Eat on Soundcloud until it’s literally the sound your tinnitus ridden ears hear until you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Written by: Stuart Daley