Those Sofar gigs really are one of a kind, and it’s all down to the artists involved. They simply come out with some of the best, and Hannah Ashcroft is no different to this current trend.

Based in Manchester, along with a load of other incredibly gifted singer-songwriters, Ashcroft plays both soulful tracks, that in some ways, are mixed with Americana. Ashcroft boasts both a beautiful range of vocals and guitar playing, so it was only right that we got you a little bit closer to her.

Who is Hannah Ashcroft?

Fingerpicking, tea drinking singer-songwriter from the North West.

What is Hannah Ashcroft?

Indie alt folk music, influenced by the likes of John Martyn and Radiohead.

Where is Hannah Ashcroft?

Currently based in Manchester after spending the last couple of years busking my way around Australia and travelling Asia.

Explain the recording process:

Bit of a weird one for me. I usually have to record in complete darkness to get a good take and hold something guitar shaped if I’m tracking vocals separately. At one point we ran out of studio time so I had to record backing vocals in my housemate’s wardrobe.

Why is Hannah Ashcroft?

I played in a band called Trip of Hares for a while but it became increasingly difficult to get everyone together. I ended up doing a lot of gigs solo and it just kind of went from there.

Explain your live show:

Usually a solo acoustic occasion, but I’m hoping to venture into electric territory in the near future. I was able to rope some incredible musicians into playing my EP launch with me last month, that was pretty great. I’m a bit shy, so there’s not a lot of small talk but I hope the music makes up for it.

What can we expect from 2017?

I’m currently writing material for a second EP, having released my debut in December and will hopefully be working on some electronic projects with my good friend Transgressor.
I have some Manchester dates booked in at The Brink (22nd Jan) and The Three Minute Theatre (18th Feb) and I’m planning to do a lot more shows around the UK and Europe.

Where can we find your music?

iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all the usual suspects. I also sell physical copies at gigs and when I’m busking, come say hello!


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Words: Sam Meaghan