Currently Based in Oslo, Kalandra have made a huge impression in Norway, they also have a flag firmly planted in the city where they were founded, Liverpool. They create dream-like music with the focus on serious and meaningful subject matter. They are a band for anybody who can truly appreciate finely crafted, unique and lovingly made music.


Who are Kalandra? Kalandra is a band spearheaded by three Norwegian musicians with a shared passion for the strange. Together they weave the intricate melodies of singer Katrine Stenbekk into alluring patterns of wanderlust and fairytales.


What is Kalandra? Our influences are mainly female folk singers from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Denmark, combined with rock and metal music by very macho-male-based bands from the same countries. We dig how theatrical metal bands can be, their performance is always very dramatic. But to sum it up, I love the female voice, and all the vocal techniques I can learn from everywhere in the world – everything from the Norwegian cow call, like kauking to Arab and Indian vocal styles.


Where is Kalandra? We are currently based in Oslo, Norway.


When did Kalandra form? Liverpool 2011.  


How did you meet? At University while studying music.


Why is Kalandra a band? Because we are good friends who love escaping in music together.  


Explain your live show: Do you like Björk? Fever Ray? Have you heard of Eivør or Anna Von Hausswolff? (You better check out the last two if not). Our music is a journey through ethereal musical landscapes. Quite expressive! Unlike our interviews.


What can we expect from 2017? We’re working on new songs for a full album and I’m very excited about it. We’ve really grown and adapted to each other after years of playing together. We’re on a good vibe.


Where can we find your music? On all digital portals where you listen to music. Order the physical CD of Beneath the Breaking Waves at–kalandra–beneath-the-breaking-waves-ep–cd Or, come to our show on Sunday, and if you like what you hear you can buy if from us in person. Face to face is always best!


Instagram and Twitter @kalandramusic                – Katrine Stenbekk