After what has seemed like never ending sunshine and partying – Kendal Calling was surely going to an absolute treat. Well, it had one of the two but once the wellies were on it was back to partying in the mud to some incredible bands.

We ditched our bags (didn’t even have time to pitch the tent) and ran into the arena to see Gerry Cinnamon on the Main Stage on Thursday. An impressively large crowd were already gathered, the majority waving Scottish flags, eagerly awaiting the Glaswegian. His own unique style of music was the perfect way to get the madness of Kendal Calling underway.

Ashfields started the day on Friday on the Woodlands Stage and got the crowd singing and dancing along. Still early in the day was Ryan Jarvis on the House Party Stage. We expected great things from this set, and they far exceeded our expectations. Ryan Jarvis packed the stage from front to back with people changing “Jarvo” and singing along. Perhaps my personal favourite show of the weekend, and was only made better by a Squid invading the stage holding aloft a banner saying “Jarvo”.

Friday afternoon saw some of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming bands playing across Kendal Calling, with Saytr Play, The K’s and Jordan Allen playing on the Woodland and Calling Out stages. James brought the afternoon to a close and gathered everyone to the main stage before Catfish and the Bottlemen headlined. However if you snook off to Tim Peak’s Cafe you would have seen The Blinders playing an intimate secret set.

After their intimate set on Friday night, The Blinders hit the Main Stage on Saturday with a crowd of people braving the elements. The longer The Blinders played the more the crowd warmed to them and closed in to the front to soak up the energy. The Slow Readers Club’s rise to fame in recent times saw them playing to a large crowd on the Main Stage before the Woodlands hosted Indigo Velvet and an incredible performance from No Hot Ashes who have been well travelled during this festival season. Straight from the groove of No Hot Ashes into the Madchester scene with Space Monkeys packing out the House Party.

The crowds had already gathered in the House Party tent long before Twisted Wheel were due on stage as to ensure their place in the tent which saw hundreds of people queued outside for the entirety of their set. Twisted Wheel’s return has been one of the most talked about reunions recently, and their performance at Kendal Calling showed why people wanted them back.

The Lancashire Hotpots woke everybody up on Sunday in the dismal weather with their own unique style of music, which saw Liam Gallagher coming onto the stage to sing ‘Shopmobility Scooter’. The House Party Stage had Brit-Pop nostalgia band Vida perform to a very vocal crowd who were still bouncing from Twisted Wheel the night before. Adorning their iconic shorts, Sly Antics took to The Woodlands Stage and pulled a large crowd considering they clashed with a secret set from The Libertines in Tim Peak’s Diner. Sly Antics played a couple of new songs, which show the progression the band have made and are looking very exciting at the moment. The Dantevilles followed shortly after and brought a robot from the crowd on-stage to dance along to their infectious music.

The Libertines closed the festival with a rather lack-lustre performance that saw their expected energy dissipate in the open fields. The Woodlands and House Party Stages hosted the most exciting acts of the weekend and some new bands to add to our playlists with stand-out performances from Ryan Jarvis, Sly Antics and Twisted Wheel. Seeing stages expanding and new areas opening it is clear that Kendal Calling is aiming for even bigger than their already high achievements in years to come.

Written by: Stuart Daley
Photo by: Trust A Fox