Kendal Calling opens it’s gates for the 13th time tomorrow and not only have they got some of best live bands in the country playing, they’ve also boosted their roster with some incredible unsigned bands. Kendal Calling has a vast array of activities not limiting to live music like dance performances, comedians, artists and much more; but what we’re all going for is the incredible line up and the picturesque landscape.

Lowther Deer Park is the setting to one of the most beautiful backdrops for any festival and Kendal Calling makes use of every part of it, from the open fields, to the never ending scenery and even the forests which play host to the Woodlands stage; where the best unsigned and unheard bands will be performing.

We know it’s overwhelming looking at a lineup as extensive at this; so we’re giving you a helping hand with our top tips on what to do each day.


Thursday is the day you get there, get settled and set up camp; but don’t take too long because there’s still a lot going on. Perhaps the act we’re most excited to see, Gerry Cinnamon, is performing on Thursday and his incredible live performance is the perfect start to Kendal Calling. Once you’ve sank a few too many beers and got into the festival spirit The Hacienda Classicals may just be the place for you to really get the party started.


Now we come to the main event, you may have over done it last night but it’s time to shake it off because you’ve got it all to come again. There’s a long list of acts we’ll be running around to catch but we’ve narrowed it down to a handful for you to divulge into. Our first tip for Friday is the incredible Ryan Jarvis on the House Party stage. Jarvis has made an enormous leap from his older acoustic style; with his band he has revamped it into an incredible sound that fits in perfectly at any indie nightclub. The Woodlands stage is being organised by Off Axis who have put on an incredible line up for you. The Friday contains two of Manchester greatest bands, Saytr Play and The K’s as well as some other greats acts like Ashfields and The Lottery Winners. If you’re looking for something a bit more popular then the Calling Out stage is perfect for you, with Tom Grennan headlining it. The Calling Out stage also plays host to one of Bolton’s finest, Jordan Allen.


By this point the sleepless nights and copious amounts of alcohol you’ve consumed are probably taking their toll, but don’t let this keep you at your tent; get back into the arena and immerse yourself in more incredible music. The House Party stage is going to be the place to spend most of your afternoon. The last band to sign to Factory Records, Space Monkeys, will be bouncing off every wall before the newly reformed Twisted Wheel bring their incredible live performance – this is make or break for you head as you’re bouncing around the mosh pits. The Woodlands stage is host to No Hot Ashes who will thrive on such an incredible stage and their energetic performance will make you feel like you’re at a woodlands rave. A late change to headliners for Saturday sees Plan B replacing Run DMC but not until New York Tourists, The Blinders and The Slow Readers Club have already burnt out the audience.


We’re sorry to say that Sunday isn’t a day to relax, it’s back up and out for our favourite day. Shake off the hangover with some dancing with The Lancashire Hotpots before the House Party stage takes you back into a Mancunian Brit Pop era. Scottish band Vida are a reincarnation of the 90’s Britpop and a time capsule of nostalgia. Tribute band The Clone Roses will have you reliving the glory days before Inspiral Carpets legend Clint Boon finishes the night with his iconic DJ set. The Woodlands stage is going to be a massive party on Sunday; with Sly Antics, Mint and Dantevilles all playing on the same stage you’ll want to be down the front throwing you best dance moves.

We’ll be posting all tips and gossip on our instagram (@thepentatonicmagazine) so make sure you keep an eye on it for some behind the scenes action of Kendal Calling.

Written by: Stuart Daley